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  1. RT @JonyIveParody: Good news: Your Android device will receive an update to the latest fucking version by Easter.Bad news: 2016

  2. Bacon egg muffins

  3. No fans for my new HTPC

  4. Come on @connectcast_tv . I can’t watch @eevblog on my smartphone? We are still living in 2006? http://t.co/FTbOkmr3vr

  5. RT @RichardvdKlaauw: Veel Chinezen bij de AH. Want maar 1 pak melkpoeder pp. #ah #Rotterdam http://t.co/LILXQaMdRr

  6. Damn, #ZigBee light link master key exposed. How safe is Philips Hue now? https://t.co/uqKD6lz7ge @ZigBeeAlliance @tweethue #zll

  7. HAHA RT @onzin_com: Fred Teeven keert terug in de Tweede Kamer http://t.co/4oXkKT3E7z

  8. RT @onzin_com: Ken je die mop van PVV-stemmer? #PS15 http://t.co/GMY2SWgbsa

  9. RT @maurits1: Don't be surprised! For the Dutch this is a perfectly normal situation. #Netherlands http://t.co/WCyDw4RN15

  10. Wil je je gouden ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ 1600+ euro goedkoper hebben… Koop hem dan in HongKong: 78 800 Hong Kong dollars = 9 362 Euros http://t.co/4fsuwd5DCF

  11. RT @Nigel_Farage: Apologies to the British media. I said last year 50,000 Romanians/Bulgarians would register to work in the UK. It's actua…

  12. RT @NodeMCU: Coming Soon to a Webshop Near You. New breadboard friendly NodeMCU development board! #ESP8266 http://t.co/jVRzzRnCEb

  13. RT @FirefoxOSFeed: Mozilla to open first-world front in Firefox OS warhttp://t.co/usuNM7Aee4

  14. Ik heb niks te klagen! Heerlijk weertje hier @ ShenZhen Luohu http://t.co/8sctWrbvc4

  15. More picture of Mrs Globe World Final 2014 in Shenzhen, China.Winner Riana Mooi @rianamooi, South Africa https://t.co/NwFo6fimfr #MrsGlobe

  16. CC: @eevblog RT @masterpj55: 1980's 60amps Krypton power supply http://t.co/t4CGA8THM7

  17. Winner South Africa @ Mrs Globe 2014 - It was a amazing and very funny night! http://t.co/qKkMg1Tj9L

  18. Haha NEGERSINT RT @NOS: Het Sinterklaasjournaal heeft in de laatste aflevering een zwarte Sinterklaas geïntroduceerd: http://t.co/tPfcEjBDan

  19. Hand soldering 0603 package @ Convention & Exhibition Center Station http://t.co/GHngALb2ta

  20. Handsolder 0603 package @ OKInternational Soldercup Shenzhen @ Convention & Exhibition Center Station http://t.co/tDKkDAAHVF

  21. Sony asked the public to redesign its logo in 1981. It didn't work out. http://t.co/sPm0Zs8fio via @verge

  22. RT @ZigBeeAlliance: ZigBee 3.0 creates single open, global wireless standard for devices. More: http://t.co/KeUQLS2kqu #ZigBee

  23. Je noemt jezelf “social media expert” maar op Linkedin heb je een profielfoto van toen je 6 jaar oud was… hahahaha Raap me op!!

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