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[7025] The New LT - The Fifth Campaign DM7025 SP1

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Here we have the first SP for newest LT image! We have worked hard and listened to many of your requests. Not all could make it in...but many have. Please see the detailed list for all changes.



Enigma2 CVS 20080905

Drivers dm800 20080821

Drivers dm7025 20080826



IMPORTANT! There has been a change to the EPG data file so you **MUST** remove old grabbed files **BEFORE** you install the new image.

I.e. remove this file: /media/usb/epg_external.dat (or if using CF /media/cf/epg_external.dat)




Good luck and happy dreaming!








New configuration: Show sleep-timer in shutdown menu (yes/no)

Added Quick-Button option to shift+color buttons. Have a look at the files /usr/LTMenu/*color*.txt

Added lt.po, is.po and fr.po to the image, used the files from

Syslogd config GUI and script for autostart

Added possibility to switch with the blue button in LT EPG to the old Multi EPG

Added support for help-texts in LT-Config-screen

Since we have the autofs stuff in our image we can start automount on bootup looking for the file /etc/automount.conf

Now you can show Now-Event and Next-Event in the Channel-Selection screen. Maybe nice thing for High-def-skins?!

Now you can load kernel-modules on bootup. The config-screen for that can be found in Menu => LT Menu => Extras (Tools) => Kernel Modules

Dutch translation. Thanx to BigM.




Don't crash if InfoPanel can't connect to newcs

FIX: Crash using DVD-Player and Subservice-Quickzap

Fix: Mount-Manager nfs-mounts didn't work

Moved all skin-related stuff in an own menu

Fix: Reported skin-issues (LT.GlassLine.II)




Changes MC:

Better getFlv download links handling

Show error-message if streamload is offline

Fix crash using cover-art in screen-saver

FIX crash reading image-size in picture-player

New configuration for Stream-Player: Transcode mpg/mpeg (yes/no)

New configuration for Stream-Player: Transcode vob (yes/no)

Don't play the last file again and again and again and......

Fix stopping music for some seconds in SHOUTcaster when adding a channel to the favourites

Fix stopping music for some seconds when adding a music-title to the playlist

Browser for CD/DVD

Play Audio-CD (basic version... album/artist and title not shown atm)



Changes EPG-Grabber:

EPG grabfile for Australian Optus c1 Satellite

Place the box into standby after grabbing external EPG if restart is choosen

Added protection for "faulty syntax" on RadioTimes grab. Will solve crashing because of "dead links" etc.

Combination of nordic_swedb.xml and radiotimes.xml updated by shshadm at

Moved the grabbers outside the "closed source file". This means that we want to include full source for all stuff in "EpgGrabbers". This way people can extend and create new grabbers for all types of data...nice!

Added first version of native grabber for Finland (

First basic version of "" grabber

First version of ""-grabber

Fixed bug where only the "last" grabbed day was added accordingly...should be useful again

Added a first base file for grabbing from ""

Added new "info" concept for EPG config files. All config files should also have an ".info" file attached. Added a "basic" version of these

Changed behavior so that all program (except last program of the last day per channel) that has a duration=0 will be extended until next program starts. Better...but not perfect as some of the "last programs of the day" does not continue until the next day...

Speedup of grabbing.

New grab GUI with direct feedback from background grabbing.

Now the External grabber alows new data from the transport stream at the same time. I.e. you have both grabbed EPG as well as normal EPG!


Download from the LT Team website:

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