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[400] Fantacy Team 2.13.6R2 + Extras (Nieuwe image! 19-1-2009)


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Zie hier.. weer een nieuwe image van Fantacy voor de Relook 400S!


Te downloaden bij Denktenk!


Hierbij de release notes (in het engels):



1.20 uboot


(set for dual boot using the left arrow key to boot from 2nd partition on HDD,

use YELLOW BUTTON to copy ROOT & VAR to HDD, this will make ROOT read/write

so you can make further changes, the only file system shared is /media)


Fantacy 2.13.6 r2 Image


Web interface, internet EPG & Extras included in the relook*.tar.gz


Upload the tar.gz file to /tmp and then pressing the YELLOW BUTTON on your remote select INSTALL ADDON.

do this for each addon if you use all 3


user - root

pass - relook


web user - relook

web pass - relook





All.img (uboot 1.20)


Relook1.tar.gz (Plugins & Extras)


(the image will work as it is but to get full benifit install this)


Relook2.tar.gz (Deeptho's InternetEPG Set up for UK EPG)


(if you install this and the db.dat EPG is set up for most UK channels.

you can still install this and set up the grabbers as normal or just install

the orginal from YELLOW BUTTON)


Relook3.tar.gz (Deeptho's New Web Interface)


(this is the new web interface for nuemo 3.1 but it still works on the this software

Note some sections do not work, install the 1 available from YELLOW BUTTON for FULL functionallity)


mkdnimg-1.0-win32 (for converting backup images made from UI to usb images)


db.dat (Favourites for UK provider with internet EPG enabled)





all cred goes to the guys (nuemo, fantacy) who made all this software, altho ive done alot myself

(propably not that well either). all i have done is stuck it all together in 1 image and changed to

suit me and hopefully some others too. somethings wont work like fonts (does from HDD) and bootscreens

i would have liked to change a few things in the root section but was unable to make squash-lzma kernal

to extract it, but the rest seems ok. This is pretty much everything that has been made for the 400's

to date. You WILL need a HDD to be able to install the addons.


NO Emus (install from BLUE BUTTON)


NO Keys







Shoutcast-Player (shoucast list stored in /var/data/plugins)











MENU KEY + (0-9)


1. Gbox(v2.25)Twin Tuner

2. Gbox Tuner 1

3. Mgcamd+Newcs

4. Mgcamd

5. CCcam+Newcs

6. CCcam

7. Camd3

8. CS2Gbox

9. Kill All Emu

0. Picture Grab (stored in /var/data/screenshots)






1. Gbox(v2.25)Twin Tuner

2. Gbox Tuner 1

3. Mgcamd+Newcs

4. Mgcamd

5. CCcam+Newcs

6. CCcam

7. Camd3

8. CS2Gbox

9. Kill All Emu

--------EMU Install--------

11. Install Mgcamd/Newcs

12. Install CCcam/Newcs

13. Install Gbox

14. Install Camd3

15. ***REMOVE ALL EMUS*** (warning)

--------EMU INFO--------

17. EMU Info (mgcamd,CCcam,gbox)

18. Share Info (gbox peer list)

19. Card Info - Slot 1 (gbox info)

20. Card Info - Slot 2 (gbox info)

--------KEY UPDATE--------

22. Fantacy Key Update

23. Satan's Key Updater

24. ***REMOVE ALL KEYS*** (warning))






--------System Infomation-------

2. Free Space

3. Hard Drive Info

4. Disk Stats

5. IP Config

6. Network Stats

7. Mount Info

8. Process List

9. Loaded Modules

10. Flash Address

11. CPU Info

12. Mem Info

13. Linux Version

14. Kernal Messages (reboot needed)


--------Channel DB & EPG--------

17. Install Intenet EPG (deeptho's internet EPG)

18. Register DB For EPG (after adding new channels)

19. Run & Update Internet EPG

20. Reset EPG Database (deletes the dbepg.dat)

21. Channel Renamer (puts sat position in Ch name)

22. DB Slimmer

23. Speed Scan


--------Web Interface--------

26. Install_WEB_Interface__Installed_to_HDD

27. Set web interface port 8000 (reboot)

28. Set web interface port 443 (reboot)

29. Set web interface port 80 (reboot)



32. Addon Install (put addon in /tmp)

33. Var_To_HDD

34. HDD_To_Var__Not_enabled

35. Root+Var_To_HDD (will mirror root and var to part2 of HDD,var/data is also copied)

36. Turn HDD Swap On

37. Turn HDD Swap Off

38. Backup all.img (/var/data/backups)

39. Backup all_noboot.img (/var/data/backups)

40. Backup welcome.img (/var/data/backups)

41. Turn RF Module OFF

42. Turn RF Module ON

43. LCD Display LOW

44. LCD Display MED

45. LCD Display MAX







2. Default

3. Black

4. Blue

5. Deviant

6. DGS New

7. DGS Old

8. Fantacy

9. Newbox

10. Redbox 1

11. Redbox 2

12. Fantacy Info Bar

--------Boot Screens--------

14. Blue Orb

15. Cubes

16. Dgs

17. Earth

18. Flag |

19. KillerBox | Wont install from plugin but will from telnet

20. Linux | (log on telnet and type /var/scripty/menu*.sh)

21. Neumo |

22. Neumo1

23. Neumo2

24. Orange

25. RedStar

26. RelookSupport

27. Sat 1

28. Sat 2


30. Gothic Fonts |


32. NimbusSans Fonts |






Spectrum Analyzer






1. Login to your box and from console Type: cd /var/bin

./var/bin/tuxdns -h host (mydns.dyndns.org) -u username:passwort




1. Login to your box and from console Type:

2. type: ./var/bin/noip2 -C

3. enter login (e-mail) //Ofcourse if you are registered at no-ip.com

4. enter password

5. Enter update interval (default is 30min change to 5)

6. N (if you wish to run something type Y)

7. at the and should be: 'New configuration file '/var/etc/no-ip2.conf' created.'

9. Type: ./noip2 to run no-ip client

10. Type: ./noip2 -S to check is everything ok

But remember! after 200s/400s reboot you must start noip2 again! (./noip2) To avoid this put

line: "/var/bin/noip2" (without quotes "" at end to a file and rename it to 3.2.sh

and place script in /var/data/init.d/ chmod to 755)


There is nothing wrong with having a strong opinion... if it comes with an open mind!

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