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tijdverschuiving, wintertijd (gmt+2->gmt+1)


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Alloha allen,


Vergeet niet gmt+2 naar gmt+1 te zetten.




Look b4 you leap, learn 2 walk b4 u run, Think b4 u say , ...and most importantly: RTFM. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />


TF 5000PVR, Aston dual 1.07, ArchSat 60cm, Archsat lnb, Visiosat 90cm, Alps twin LNB, Stab hh100, Infinity USB phoenix, cas2 , dragoncam,tita, fun6.

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Ha ha..... uiteraard al gedaan, maar ik denk dat deze tip handig kan zijn voor velen <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggthumpup.gif" alt="" />

Synology DS414 + DS1815+(8GB) + iPad Pro 10.5 64Gb (iOS 11) + iPhone 7+ 128 GB (iOS 11) + MacbookPro 15" 2016 (MacOS  High Siera 10.13)  + Apple Watch Series 3 (WOS 4) + Apple TV3 + Apple TV4 + Nvidia Shield + Microsoft Gecertificeerd.

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Nieuwe firmware in jouw TF


1. IRD status of May 19 2004 version

(1) System ID : 406

(2) Loader Version : L4.06

(3) Device Version : v5.2.51

(4) Application Version : TF-NPC 5.10.97 / TF-NCPC 5.10.97

(5) Last Update : May 19 2004



2. Improvements of this version

(1) GMT Collection item in Time Setting Menu is added.

It can be used to avoid wrong time information from some TPs.

- Normal : The GMT is gathered from all the TPs

- CAS Only : The GMT is gathered from CAS services.

- User select : The GMT is gathered from the TP that user selected.

VU+ Solo2 HD, XTrend ET 9200 , XTrend ET 4000, TF 7700hsci

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