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Even off-topic, niet in de kaarten hoek totdat de emu definitief is (ruitenkrabben doe ik nu 's-morgens wel)


Het gaat even over het rom 101 verhaal.......


In ieder geval (rom 3 (rev327), rom 10 (rev.A32) en rom 11(rev.B04)), houden we in het achterhoofd en ik verwacht op vrij korte termijn inzage in het geheel.


Van de andere kant lopen de geruchten van EMU's en de ruitenkrabbers zullen het voortijdig afleggen.



Promises from Cool sat in 2006, include HD units as early as March, which have been in developement for the last 4 months. HD and PVR units I have been told are going to be showing up on the market in less than 4 months. Cool sat has always come through in the past, and I believe they are the company to watch in 2006. Look for another year of firsts for Cool sat in 2006, and look foward to them enhancing your viewing experience with Cool sat HD and PVR units in the next few months!


In 2005 Cool sat came out on top with the first working EPG for FTA units on a privately supported box. They were than first with the Nagravision 2 hack for Dishnetwork, though it's by a matter of hours, their engineers show competence above all others, and work at what they are trying to accomplish until they acheive it. Everyone remembers when the first Cool sat 4000 clones hit the market, Cool sat was supposed to release a file, but they had to wait, they eventually (about 2 weeks later) worked clone kill code into their receivers file to kill any boxes that were clones of the original cool sat 4000. Cool sat was the first company to kill a clone of their product while keeping their own product completely safe, this is something other companies like Pansat tried, yet failed miserably at, killing thousands of their own boxes in the process, creating crys for boycotts from all corners of the dss community. Later in the year, another first, Cool at became the first box with Bell Expressvu, Viewsat tried and handed me a few files and nothing worked, Pansat tried aswell, nothing was working, at around 1am in the morning, I got a call from Cool sat saying they had BEV. The file worked and the outlook on the future changed on that day for the dss community. We all knew the hack of Nagra 2 didn't depend on the Rom 101 card anymore. Dishnetwork and Bell are now years away from securing their systems again, if they desire to.


This year I say has gone to Cool sat. They made the largest impact on the market by far and they have promised to continue to be a force in 2006 and they are promising to continue support on all models throughout 2006! Their year of firsts in 2005 deserves a lot of recognition. Their engineers are the best, I have always had faith in them. While pansat paid coders in germany $50,000 just for the autoroll algorithm, and still couldn't figure it out even after a week of stumbling, Cool sat had it just by taking a look at pansats software and made it work for the cool sat models, just with their competence. This is not the first time cool sat has impressed me, Pansat also paid Cool sat $50,000 for the program guide code which Cool sat handed over and even had to send engineers from Cool sat because Pansat's engineers couldn't get it worked out. The last year has taught me, if you want consistency in support and true competence in engineers, Cool sat should be considered at the top of your list. There isn't enough that can be said about the Cool sat support the last year, but it's stood out from the rest, no question about it. The best EPG with 15 hours of info on all channels, fastest autoroll, first with Bell expressvu, first with the nagra 2 hack, first with epg, the list continues to grow, and Cool sat will continue their streak in 2006.

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