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[DM7020S] 2Gether Stormbreaker DM7020SE (image)

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[DM7020] 2Gether Stormbreaker DM7020SE (image) 16-03-2006




2Gether Stormbreaker


Key features:


* 2SMS

* 2Button

* 2shot

* EasyZap 2-in-1 skins

* Inadyn DynDNS

* Dream NetCast

* gSUB subtitling

* Inet addons with serverselector

* Dynamic progressbars

* Bitrate in OSD

* Skinselector preview

* Advanced shutdown

* Background selector

* Copy2USB

* Screenshots incl. OSD


..and... much, much more!....


Welcome to the 2Gether Dreambox Image "Stormbreaker" based on:


+ kernel v. 2.6.9 (1.09)

+ enigma v. 1.0.9 2mod (16.03.2006)

+ driver v. 1.0.9

+ busybox v. 1.01 (16.03.2006)



Addons downloadable soon over Inet.

for special functions check the Docu


This Image is without Keys and without any EMU

We are not responsible for what you do with it.

Only with original DreamCrypt Support


Key Features:

2Button - Define what u want for the yellow Button

2Shot - shoot what u want *g* "Shift Yellow"

2SMS - so what do you think its for... send your friends a message over the net...

Dreamnetcast - included by long pressing the Audio Button

Inadyn Dyndns - thought this would be useful...

AddonServerSelector - Use your own Addonserver

Dynamic Infobar - Shows u the current useful Informations

Copy2USB - Copy your mp3s directly to your usb stick, while pressing "Dream" inside the Filemode

Advanced Shutdown - Define when your box should go into standby or shutdown..

Skin Preview - Previe the skin before installing

Background Selector - Select your backgrounds for: radio, mp3 mode as u want

Bitrate in OSD - Shows the current Bitrate used, Press OK > Video > Video



Nuch much more we dont remember...


And we shouldnt forget the Best Dreambox Skin ever:

Nemesis Greyline 3D

together with the Greyline WebInterface....


Based on Original DMM 109_1b

with Enigma CVS 16.03.2006


Official Support everywhere you find us !!!


On the develpment of this Image have worked many people together.

If someone is mentioned here it does not mean he is one

of the developers, or has anything to do with this image.


Special thanks goes to: spacy, luke_s, zg0re,

Hyrican, Nemesis, Gruffy,Hazem

ruDream, rel_cvss, Tom0000,

PLi®, xphile, The Hydra Team,

lololuy, NordicTeam, DBNA Team,

and all BetaTesters,

Friends and their Wifes


Sorry if we missed someone


also to Dream Multimedia for making such a great Receiver


Build & Compiled for all our friends.

by 2Gether-Team


If you want to get in touch with us you can go here: or here:



NTSC Versions are the same as Pal versions.

Only with ntsc set as default and ntsc skin


PS: The 7020SE Images work only in internal flash as Multiboot is not supportet from external tools till now.






[color:"#666666"] niet getest [/color]

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