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The Gemini2 Project 1.40 DM7025

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Gemini2 v1.40:

Technical Infos:
* Enigma vom: 15.04.2006
* GCC 3.4.5 Original CVS
* Busybox 1.01
* Kernel

Function Buttons:
* BLUE - Blue Panel (BP)
* 2x BLUE - BP -> Extras/Settings
* RED - Record
* GREEN - Subservices

* Own Addon-Server via internet
* Downloading and installation of additional features via internet from Gemini server
* EMM- und ECM- Display switchable
* Behaviour of infobar can be changed via Menu
* System Info: Many extra box infos (for example harddisk-temperature, storage usage, mountpoints)
* Extra Menu: Settings to many extras like Inadyn, HTTPD, NFS-Server, calendar
* Own Scripts can be started via Blue Panel
* Calendar including reminder (can be changed via /etc/calendar.xml)
* Dreambox can be used as printserver
* Kernel modules can be reload separately
* Create your own Satellites.xml
* Support for CDROM/DVD, no matter if IDE or USB port
* Display of current channel stream rates
* SWAP setup and start automatically
* HDPARM values for harddisk can be changed via menu
* Storage location of epg.dat can be changed via menu

* Display of CaID's via infobar
* Password can be changed via menu
* System Info -> Dreambox enhanced
* Mediaplayer (only useable for mp3)

* HDD device info
* Display of addon installation

* Do not use old Gemini2 skins!

This Images doesn't contain any keys or softcams.
Backups or other modified Images are not from us
and won't be supported!

Thanks a lot and have fun
Your Gemini-Team

te downloaden op http://www.i-have-a-dreambox.com/wbb2/index.php


VU+ duo + Triplesat + FamilieHD

Image, telkens weer wat anders..

Momenteel : Blackhole + Tunisiasat addon 3.0

Skin : Army Gradient HD

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