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sony tv automatisch naar rgb

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Hoe Krijg ik m'n tv standaard op RGB via scart.

Hij scakeld direct naar composiet als er op pin 8 spanning komt te staan.


't is een kv-29c1d


kan het misschien ook met het service menu O.I.D. ??

dvb nexus-s(2.1)+skystar2+hdr4000 pckaart progdvb S2emu

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dat was hem cornea


de scart kabel was niet goed ff doorgemeten en er achter gekomen dat op pootje 16 geen 1 volt stond, en heb toen direct ff 1 erbij gepakt en was het oké.

en die had ik laast gekocht , dus die word ff omgewisseld.


ff van wikipedia overgenomen



Extensions to the original standard are in italics. All sockets and plugs use the same pinouts.





| 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 | 21

| \

| 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 \





| 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 /

| /

| 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 | 21


1.Audio output, right

2.Audio input, right

3.Audio output, left

4.Audio ground

5.Blue in ground/Blue out ground

6.Audio input, left

7.Blue in/Blue out

8.Widescreen function switching (see below)

9.Green in ground/Green out ground

10.D²B input

11.Green in/Green out

12.D²B output

13.Red ground/Chroma © ground

14.D²B ground

15.Red in/Red out/Chroma in/Chroma out

16.Fast (RGB/composite) switching (see below)

17.Composite video output ground/Sync output ground/Luminance output (Y) ground

18.Composite video input ground/Sync input ground/Luminance input (Y) ground/Fast switching ground

19.Composite video output/Sync output/Luminance (Y) output

20.Composite video input/Sync input/Luminance (Y) input

21.Common ground (metal shield)



D²B (Digital Data Bus) is an IEC standard for a serial communication bus. It is a multi-master bus for home automation, and was originally developed by Philips in the 1970s.



Blanking and Switching

Two pins provide switching signals.


Pin 8, the function switching pin, carries a low frequency (less than 50Hz) signal from the source that indicates the type of video present.


0V-2V means no signal, or internal bypass

4.5V-7V (nominal 6V) means a widescreen (16:9) signal

9.5V-12V (nominal 12V) means a normal (4:3) signal


Pin 16, the fast switching pin, carries a signal from the source that indicates that the signal is either RGB or composite.


0V-0.4V means composite.

1V-3V (nominal 1V) means RGB only.


The original specification defined pin 16 as fast blanking, a high frequency (up to 3MHz) signal that blanked the composite video. The RGB inputs were always active and the fast blanking signal 'punches holes' in the composite video. The SCART connector use this to overlay subtitles from an external Teletext decoder.


0V-0.4V means composite with a transparent RGB overlay.

1V-3V (nominal 1V) RGB only.

There is no switching signal to indicate S-Video. Some TVs can autodetect the presence of the S-Video signal but more commonly the S-Video input needs to be manually selected

dvb nexus-s(2.1)+skystar2+hdr4000 pckaart progdvb S2emu

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Deze tv is ook in mijn bezit

Gebruik wel de juiste scart ingang (er is er maar 1 die RGB pakt)

Gebruik ook een volbezette scart

Je moet de bron (dvd speler,reciever enz ) ook in het menu de instelling geven dat ie RGB moet uitsturen

Integra | Marantz | TechniSat HD S2&multytenne | Panasonic | Kef, Rel |mede8er, synlogy, asus

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