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ik heb een mail van Boinc seti gehad

zijn er nog meer mensen die dit hebben??



Dear Fredo:


We'd like to invite you to reconnect with SETI@home. Our records show that you've been with SETI@home since 05 July 2003, but it's been 774 days since you last returned a work unit. We want you back, and here's why:


There are exciting times for SETI@home. We recently installed a new SETI@home data recorder at the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. This recorder is attached to a state-of-the-art multibeam receiver, so we can now measure signals from 7 positions on the sky at once, with greater sensitivity to weak signals compared to the data from the flat feed antenna we've used since 1999. Coupled with a new application, SETI@home Enhanced, we've greatly increased the sensitivity of our data analysis, and the likelihood that we'll find the first signs of extraterrestrial life. We're also testing a second application, Astropulse, which will look for extremely short pulses of astronomical (and possibly intelligent) origin.


With these new developments comes an increase in required computing power, for which we depend on people like you. We hope you will consider signing back on with SETI@home, and help in this wonderful scientific venture.


Whether or now you resume running SETI@home, you can help us by filling out a survey about the BOINC software used by SETI@home. We want to make sure that SETI@home is easy to use for everyone, and your comments will help us make this happen.


If you experienced problems running SETI@home, please visit the Questions and Answers area of our web site. You may find the solution to your problem there; if not, you can ask for help from project volunteers and staff.


We thank you for your involvement in SETI@home, and hope that you rejoin us in our search for signals from other worlds.


-- The SETI@home team





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moeten we die club weer eens leven in blazen??


er schijnen nu meerdere leden te zijn die een server hebben die staat toch aan

Groeten Fred.


AZbox premium , AZbox premium+ , AZbox elite

Dreambox 8000 2maal SAB sky 4800 mini , DVB zelfbouw decoder.

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