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[7025] Nieuwe Remote 7.2 Plugin


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readme :



remote control WebIF for DM 7025 Version 7.2 by thowi


Thanks to cjsosa for the basic code

Thanks to Seddi for the fbshot

Thanks to 3c5x9 for the Mediaserver

Thanks to oldprogrammer for the updated RC Image



Version 7.2 should be now about 30-40% faster

then previous Versions and was also tested

on new Images with OE 1.4 - on these don't

forget to change the port from 80 to for

example 8080 - then don't forget to enter

in the browser also the port number:


Read also further down about the new macro feature

of the remote control WebIF 7.1.


The bug with the upkey is now fixed and you now can

get an updated screenshot of the current OSD menu with

the TV button. And you can use the Dreambox Button

to send messages to the TV screen now, but don't forget

to add the Message Box tread in in advance

from the Remote Control Plugin menu (or use

gutemine's Sleeptimer and Message Box Plugin).


For installation copy dm7025remoteXX.tar.bz2

to /var/tmp via FTP.


Then install with manual install in blue

pannel or type:


cd /

bunzip2 /var/tmp/dm7025remote*.tar.bz2

tar -xvf /var/tmp/dm7025remote*.tar


This puts the binaries at the plugin directory


Then you simply can enable the Mediaserver with the menu

interface of the DM7025remote plugin under games/plugin

or in telnet with:


cd /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/DM7025remote enable


Then enter the DM 7025 IP address or Hostname in your PC



Remote control now contains a very simple password check.


Username is root and password is thowi - guess why ;-)


If you want to change username and password

simply edit the index.html file and for password

you now can use also the menu interface, but

you will have to re-load the page in browser to activate

the new password, because it is hardcoded in the Webpage.


The username/password is hardcoded, so the whole thing is

not really secure, it is just to scare the kids.


If you want a more secure implementation try

pallix's modification which uses Cookies and

a hashed password - Fine Job !


And if you enter you can enter

without password too.


Hence the password screen is just to show how easy

the WebIF can now be extended with further functionality !


Type without options for a list of the other possible

management commands.


Use restart for restating the Mediaserver instead

of re-doing enable. If you use console as option

to instead of restart then the output of the Webserver will

go to the Telnet session instead of the Logfile at /var/tmp !


The full functionality of is now available also

via the enigma2 menu interface under games / plugin

of the engima2 main menu.


The remote control command is now also part of the DM7025remote

kit, because of teh MACRO support for DM7025remote.


You simply can execute the remote

control commands in telnet:










The first 4 are simply remote commands


With remote you can find out which

commands are sent to the dreambox

via the remote control.


And with control you can send any possible



control number


If you want to keep a key for keep seconds:


control number keep


Number is any value from below

for the remote control keys:



OFF 116

MENU 139

EXIT 174

OK 352

UP 102

DOWN 108


LEFT 105

RED 398



BLUE 401

TV 377


TEXT 388


HELP 138


INFO 358






< 412

> 407

1 2

2 3

3 4

4 5

5 6

6 7

7 8

8 9

9 10

0 11


There is now also a script

inlcuded at /usr/bin

which allows you to pass up to 12 commands

to the control binary in sequenze.

And you can either passe the numeric codes

or the values from the baovel ist to this

shell script. 1 1 OK


The above command will zap to channel 11

for example. LONGBLUE


This will execute Blue Button for 1 seconds

(for PIP ?).


If you need a Break between commands you now can

also pass SLEEP as option (will be a 1 sec

sleep, if you need more use multiply in sequenze)


For Multiple UP/DOWNS/EXIT there are now options UP1...8

and DOWN1..8 and EXIT1..8 available.


You can now also use the ZAPTO channelnumber (0...999)


You now can have your own remote control macro files

at /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/control/MRC.


For a list of predefined MRC Macro files enter: MACRO LIST


For a list of the possible command options

for enter: LIST


The E2RESTART for restarting enigma2 for example

looks like this:




You can execute this MRC file by typing: MACRO E2RESTART


You can define and edit your own MRC files

on a PC (notepad or any other text editor is OK,

because files will be converted to unix fileformat

on Dreambox before executing anyway).


If you double click on the PC and

choose an editor like notepad

on PC and tick the always open file with this

application then this will be your prefered MRC



After Editing your MRC files simply FTP them to


directroy on your Dreambox.



The remote control WebIF DM7025 now supports

also 5 Macros - Press the D R E A M Letters

at the bottom of the remote Control


Currently the follwoing Macros are

implemented for these letters:






M .... PIP


You can change these Macros yourself

by editing/copying them at the MRC

directory of the plugin.


If you press SHIFT at the top of the

remote control in WebIF this will

send the MACRO EXIT8, which will get you out of

any menues that you are lost within.



Have fun controlling your Dreambox 7025 remotely

via WebIF and Telnet !


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