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[Pioneer] Pionero 4.0 Beta 2

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Salvad0r heeft ons weer verblijd met zijn volgende versie van Pionero.

Ik zal hem meteen in de up/download sectie zetten.


Bedankt Sa1vad0r.


Dit is nieuw in Versie 4.0 Beta_2


- Configuration of all Flash ICs depending on the decoder model and board.

- Now you can generate the firmware checksum of BCT15xx and

BCT16xx automatically.

- The number of bits in the start delay (WaitStart) can be

changed. This improves notably all the transmissions through

the Jtag interface.

- More security measures have been added to the Jtag code to

avoid hung-ups with defective Jtag interfaces.

- Added a "Cut" button in the Tuning section.

- Now Pionero recognizes channels and transponders tables mixed

with upgrades.

- All INI and DOC files are now inside subdirectories.

- New GUI translation : Arabic.

- Bug fixes.




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