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[all] Debian Linux op Dreambox 7025, 7020 & 600 installeren en booten


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Barry Allen herbergt meer dan alleen een multiboot programma maar het is ook mogelijk om Debian op je dreamdoos te installeren en te laten draaien. Zelf heb ik niet getest maar hieronder is een manual vanuit IHAD forum.


Post al je ervaringen maar hier op deze topic.


Credits go to Gutemine:





One of my small research projects is now almost ready for you to test it.


In principle, I developed for Barry Allen both for 7025 and 7020 and 600 as a new feauture, that you can do a complete a basic installation of Debian with Barry Allen on CF / HDD / USB. This installation will unpack Debian for you and allow it to boot as any other image, or even enter Debian with chroot while the enigma is running!


The only requirement is approximately 250MB free space on your Barry Allen CF card and the box must be online to download the mipsel / powerpc debian kit (about 50MB) from the Debian server on the Internet.


Upgrade to version 4.3 of Barry Allen (today I first posted the 7025 kit, the kit for PowerPC will follow when DarkVolli extended the the enigma1 plugin) as usual.


Then either use the plugin (on the 7025 is also the WebIF possible) or telnet to install a Debian image.


In Barry Allen plugin you can now find in version 4.3 the Menu entry Debian Wizard, if you choose this, at the moment only one menu item will be shown to install Debian Linux, and if you select it will ask you for the imagenamen for the Debian Image (debian is proposed as default)


And then the plugin will execute already the extract_debian imagename (with this command, you can also do it directly in telnet if you prefer this, because then the log in telnet is easier to bee seen because it is quite long and scrolling in enigma could be painfull)


After approximately > 1h (depending on the speed of your Internet connection), you will then have an image with a Debian base installation of about 180MB on the Barry Allen device which then can be quite normal selected during booting with the boot manager from Barry Allen !


It will then also allow you to telnet, ftp, ssh into the installed Debian and there is a user debian created for you too, because Debian in the default installation is secure and there is no root logon with telnet via allowed (with shh root would work).




The root and the debain user still have NO default password !


Therefore after you extract with Barry Allen the Debian image youhave to enter the debian image with chroot at least once to set the passwords of the Debian image !!!!;


For doing this I have extended the so that (almost) everything is mounted as if Debian would be booted, although enigma2 still running.


For entering the Debian distribution from an enigma2 image you have to enter:


cd / media chroot nameofdebianimage


You are then already root user in the Debian image, and can do:



2 x enter password for root user

passwd debian

2 x enter password for user debian


With exit you can get back out of the chroot environment to a normal enigma image.


And when you have entered these passwords you can now boot debian and logon with the debian user via telnet.


Caution, if you ONLY chroot the devices / media/hdd and /media/cf are not mounted, it can be necessary to manually mount them, because in the fstab they arealready included (do mount /media/hdd for example if needed)


Alternatively, you can now select the Debian image as usual in the BA plugin for booting next, or woth the Barry Allen boot manager. Of course, the Debian image shows an appropriate boot logo, but because (yet?) no graphical user interface i included in your minimum Debian installation you can enter the Debian image only with telnet, ssh and FTP. The TV screen itself will show nothing except the Boot Logo.


As I said due to the security settings you must first logon as debian user (or use ssh then also root will be allowed) with the password you set, and then you can do the following to become root:


# su -


Then you are root and can administrate Debian as you want ( then of course will work also as usual).


You can now use root for example to start with apt-get install paketname or aptititude for selecting further Debian packages from the distribution to be installed (all that are available from Debian server via Internet download).


Actually, almost everything available in debian you should be able to install (apache, php, mysql, ... even X-Windows, ... - although of course this ould not (yet?) run), but you must be aware that through Memory, CPU performance of the Dreambox and the free space on the Barry Allen device you have some limitations, especially when debian is only running in chroot, and the enigma is still running.


With adduser btw. you then cann add further Debian users on your own.


And, of course, the normal Dreambox devices such as CF / HDD are mounted when Debian is booted with Barry Allen and you can also do a Flash (or nameofmage) to select something else to boot.


If you know Debian you then can decide yourself what to do next, with your debian installation on the Dreambox and then you can post here in the thread your experiences and documented what and how you managed to install setup and run !


Well, what's the added value of Debian on the Dreambox ? First of all of course, a lot (!) of Software from the Debian distribution. This software is compiled and tested, including all necessary kits, libs ..,


Furthermore, you get the man pages, apropos when you look for an unknown command, by searching on the Internet you can find lots of documentation on how to setup various things.


You can use your dreambox in your TV-free time as a complete web server as far as the hardware permits it to operate, you can install other user interfaces,...


And you certainly will find a lot more usefull things !


Have fun



PS: And of course, many thanks to the various people who created Wikis, and Docu and other usefull information about the setup of debian on a dreambox which allowed me to integrate this into the Barry Allen plugin. And thanks of course to the people who were pre-testing it on their Dreamboxes.

Dreambox 8000 HD- 1TB HD - OpenPli Image


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Je ziet op je tv gewoon een picture , je kan geen tv kijken ondertussen en je moet vanop je pc met een telnet sessie naar je linuxbox gaan. Heb er verder nog niets mee uitgeprobeerd.

Wannneer je een image hebt gestart kan je gewoon met telnet inloggen op je box en dan een chroot debian (of hoe je image mag heten) dan zit je binnen linuxdebian en kan je dus applicaties installeren terwijl je verder tv kijkt. Zie bijlage


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