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[DM7025] Nieuwe image: The Gemini2 Project 3.70 DM7025

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Gemini2 v3.7:


Technical Infos:

• Engima from: 22.07.2008

• Busybox 1.0.1

• Tuxtxt 1.95


Function Buttons:

• BLUE - Blue Panel (BP)

• long BLUE -> PiP (DM7025)

• 2x BLUE - BP -> Extras/Settings

• RED - Record

• GREEN - Quickbutton / Subservices

• Yellow - Timeshift



• Own Addon-Server via internet.

• Download and installation of additional features via internet from Gemini server.

• Use your own Personal addon server (configure it in /etc/useraddon.xml).

• Create your own Satellites.xml which only includes the satellites you need.



• Assign of different Camd's to Stations/Providers (AutoCam).

• Change of the name and different functions over own menu.


Daemon / Server / Clients:

• Dreambox can be used as printserver (BP->Device Settings->Printer (LPD), FAQs in the database).

• Dropbear (ssh) now switchable (BP->Extras->SSH).

• Upnp Server / Client

• automount, examples in /etc/automount.conf. Devices, NFS or CIFS get automatically mounted. Ideally for DVD- or Net- Drives (Editor can be found at BP->Extras->Automount).

• Inadyn (Daemon for various DYNDNS-Services).

• little Apache (HTTP-Server based on HTTPD).

• NFS-Server (based on the NFS-Kernel-Modul).

• Editor to configure Cron-Deamon


Infobar / OSD:

• Provider and Sattelite will be showed in the Infobar (depends on the skin).

• EMM, ECM or "ExpertInfos" Display switchable.

• Picon (displays the station logo)

• Show Onlinestatus when the Box is connected to the Internet (must be activated in the BP -> Extras/Settings/Online)

• Spinner (response time now adjustable, 0 is off)

• Picons can be changed between Gemini and DMM format

• the position of the infobar can be changed

• HDTV-Logo in the Infobar (DM80..)


Files / Devices:

• Device Manager is still beta (format, mount and other functions)

• Support for CDROM/DVD no matter if it is IDE ur USB

• HDD- temperature and performance visible in the menu.

• HDPARM values for harddisks disk can be changed by menu.

• SWAP setup and start automatically.





• EPG-autosave- Saves the EPG data in a defined time

• additional EPG-Infos (BP -> Info)

• Duration of current Event in the programm overview ( BP -> Info -> EPG)

• EPG-Serch. Search by Title, description or own text.



• Dreamnetcast (shout cast-player) with Stream ripper (direct recording from server and coding into mp3´s).

• Weather Plug-in with 10 days forecast.

• RSS/RDF reader with TOP list from RSS-scout.

• Web cam-Viewer with Full Screen mode.

• bell (plays mp3s on a fixed time)

• System Info: Many extra box infos like stream-rates, kernel-, memory- and prozessinfos.

• Own Scripts can be started via Blue Panel.

• Kernel modules can be reload separately.

• Password can be changed by menu.

• EPG Cache and EPG Refresh (updates the EPG in the night) adjustable over BP.

• flashing clock when recording in standby.

• Calendar for the iCalendar format + Reminder (supported by MAC, KDE, Thunderbird, Google calendar, Rainlendar…) , Standard-folder is /etc/ical.

• eTorrent - a torrent client based on ctorrent. Can be managed completely over the OSD

• eMail-Checker (Overview of your POP3 or IMAP accounts + SSL)

• overwiev of the different Cryptingsystems which the actual station uses.

• Quickbutton

• Turning of pictures, also automatically by EXIF data.

• "The GP2 Controlr" Firefox Extension to access functions of the Box.

• ReZapp, Switch back to a channel on a fixed time (BP-> Extra-> ReZapp)

• Summary of the HDTV-Channels in the Channel list->Satellites (DM80..)



• BP-Menu with new optic

• Hotplug for USB-Devices (are shown in the OSD - Can be mount using the Device-Manager)


Fix + Updates:

• Stream-Traffic and HDD-Temperature

• see CVS


This Images doesn't contain any keys or softcams.

Backups or other modified Images are not from us

and won't be supported!


Download via Database


Thanks a lot and have fun

Your Gemini-Team

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Eigenlijk zou men de 800/7025 gewoon combineren, beiden releases zijn identiek.

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Origineel bericht van: Radix
Eigenlijk zou men de 800/7025 gewoon combineren, beiden releases zijn identiek.


Dat ben ik niet met je eens

7025 21.3Mb
800 29.6Mb

Zou niet graag een image van een 800 op mijn 7025+ zetten

Gr Danique

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