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nlb8728 v1.25 voor IPBox / CubeRevo released


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Thnx Lodewappes..


Hierbij de Changelog:


CubeRevo nlb svn8728 v1.25


for 9000/910/900/250/200



login: root

password: relook


First time boot with Remote not working, is not fixed yet.. sorry!

Reboot at lang screen and all is okay.


Prepared by : Dexter

Release date : January 5. 2009


* updated - bootlogo fix.

* fixed - Internal smartcard reader fix for 910/250

* added - IncubusCamd 0.55 real update with dual tuner,pip and recording support.

* added - more information in webif description.

* added - skin fixes for simple infobar, still a dgs bug here if you jump 2 channels.

* added - formatting of Harddrive if box fails to do it during bootup..

* - NOTE: uboot seems to disable some types of HDD during bootup..

* - ----: When box is ready, remove the hdd and connect again.

* - ----: and use this format option to init harddrive.

* fixed - bug in format hdd/usb routine, wrong partition type choosen.

* removed - reset of cam delay when box goes into panic.

* added - webif option to change newcs config file between nordic and german setup in webif..

* added - webif option to change between old and new sci driver (for special card handling)

* updated - vsftpd.conf , updated with 9MB values for max transfer with ftp..

* added - panel 1.39: hotfix update from /var now possible. read features_nlb.txt for information on how to instal, if you got no internet

* added - direct link at top to dgstation original webif.

(get webif update through panel, to fix missing link in web interface)

* update - DGS Webif update, for time correction -60 minutes reported in webif using correct GMT.

* added - Execute startup script before main application, found in /var/etc/init.d , script names start with S .

* fix - Cuberevo250 VFD messages fix.

* change - newcs: Default single internal card slot handling for 250/910.

* change - newcs: Default - newcs is not started on 200/900.





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Origineel bericht van: lodie
Er is weer een nieuwere image uitgebracht.
Te downloaden bij de bekende sites.


en hoeft lodewappes niet te werken :D:D
Of heeft lodewappes ook vrij met de vorst confused

The birdman has left the building

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