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LT5 release 5. img.


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de nieuwe LT image! we komen het weekend weer vooruit. smile

hoop dat deze net zo snel zapt als de pli...


Hey LT-fans,


you have been waiting since a long time for an update, and here it is. Today we can present you a lot of changes and some new features with our SP5 for the LT Fifth Campaign image. There is no online-update available so you have to reflash your box.


LT SVN 2111

Enigma2 20090128



dm7025 20090116

dm8000 20090126

dm800 20090126



dm7025 61

dm800 70-r1

dm8000 70-r1



-Added Automount-Editor

-Added Bootup-Music plugin (bootup will take longer! don't use if you don't like)

-TextEditor, will be called from the Media-Center - File-Browser

-Added lock/unlock movie functions to the MoviePlayer

-Handle locked/unlocked movies in MoviePlayer

-Added new convert-types to LTServiceToText Converter: Number, NumberName and NumberNameOrbital

-New configs (Show service number in InfoBar: yes/no)

-Added new configs (Show service number in LCD / Show orbital position in LCD)

-Added LTAnalogClock Renderer... not used yet

-New config for LT ZapHistoryBrowser / InfoBar: Picon size (70x53, 100x60, 100x75)



-Added Automount-Editor to QuickMenu

-Handle /etc/auto.hotplug instead of /etc/automount.conf in Link-Manager

-Don't handle automount.conf any more on bootup

-Completly rewritten HDD-Info. Doesn't read from fixed device=/dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/disc

-Check zap-history position after changing the zap-history in LT Zap-History-Browser

-Use new grab v0.8 versions in image

-Norweigan translation errors corrected, missing lots of %s

-Removed SleepTimer in Shutdown-Menu since it is now in the CVS-code

-Fix crash while getting event-infos if there is no event (Channel-Selection)

-Calculate skin sizes and move windows to the screen-center (needed for HD/SD skins)

-Added Hutten's new grabbers with his cache stuff

-Added es translation. Thanks to titovich

-Added ST3500820AS to hddtemp database

-Subservice/Recording pixmaps position fix (LT GlassLine.II)

-FIX zPosition in LT GlassLine.II skins (InfoBar and TimeshiftState). Timeshift state was not visible

-Removed non more working 'remove all py-files script'

-LT Stream2Dream v2.6 with new config (mounttype: cifs/samba)

-FIX: Non working LCD/OLED picons using other skins than the GlassLine.II PiG skin

-Speedups in reading orbital position in LTPiconHelper and LTServiceToText

-FIX: non working picons for 28.2E (reading 28.4E from fe-info)


Changes MC:

-Show flac, divx and m4a files in MediaList

-Use new async ePicLoad commands in Webcam-Viewer and Picture-Player

-Disabled configs: 'Thumbnail listview' for FileBrowser (Picture-Player)

-Use new CVS getExif function (MC Picture-Player)

-Use new ePicLoad function and show also embeddedCoverArt if present in MP3-Player

-Use new ePicLoad function and show also embeddedCoverArt if present in Screen-Saver

-Use cdtextinfo to show the filelist (Play AudioCD)

-Added NRK1 and NRK2 to InternetTV. Thanks to Ibanez99

-Added divxcrawler plugin to StreamPlayer+

-Check if movie has been already watched in recording-list. We need nice icons for watched/not watched movies... not shown in list at the moment

-Read movie-tags from meta files instead of /etc/enigma2/movietags

-Added PIN lock function in Recordings. Will use the same PIN like the Setup-lock.

-Handle scripts, packages and text-files in MC-FileBrowser (cfg, ipk, log, sh, tar.gz, tar.bz2, txt)

-Play DVD function (DVD-Player plugin must be installed)

-Added '9 Israel' to Internet TV. Thx to Michael

-Added new ScreenSaver: Analog Clock

-Give the user the posibility to start streaming while caching with OK-button (StreamPlayer and StreamClient)

-New function in FileBrowser: Mountpoints


Vu duo2 met pli

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Origineel bericht van: Harley

Beetje een kermisimage

Grafisch gezien vind ik dit de mooiste img!
vooral het mediacenter gedeeelte is mooi.

pli daar integen is veel stabieler en sneller.

Gemini vind ik meer een kermis img, met al die toeters en bellen die ik nooit gebruik......

Booten deed hij hier direct goed. en de rest tot op heden ook.
ik heb pli in de root en LT nu op de usb.

Vu duo2 met pli

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Origineel bericht van: dream-on
Origineel bericht van: Harley

Ik heb het over de 8000, boot in veel van de image's slecht.

Dan zit je in het verkeerde topic wink

Je hebt gelijk blush

Heb de image wel uit dit topic wink

VU+ Duo2 - PrismCube

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