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Gemini 4.10 beschikbaar.


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emini2 v4.1

DM7025 = Enigma from 06.02.2009

DM800 and DM8000 = Enigma from 07.02.2009


Most Functions are described in our Wiki.



Function Buttons:

* BLUE - Blue Panel (BP)

* long BLUE -> PiP (DM7025)

* 2x BLUE - BP -> Gemini Extras

* BLUE RED -> File Manager

* RED - Record

* GREEN - Quickbutton / Subservices

* Yellow - Timeshift (not for DM8000)




* Own Addon-Server via internet.

* Cryptinfos of the Stations. Assign different Camds to Stations/Providers (AutoCam).

* Manage many Daemons / Server (BP - Services/Daemons)

* Visual improvements such as HD-Skin, icons or additional adjustments to the station list

* Manager for formatting, setting up or integration of devices (BP-> Device Manager)

* additional EPG functions, such as Autosave, Refresh, or connect different EPG formats

* Own Addons e.g. Dreamnetcast, jukebox, calendar, e-mail or eTorrent to name just a few

* Quick button (select the function of the green button via the menu)

* detailed information about your Dreambox (Menu-> information)

* File Manager, it is possible to handle all formats, regardless of whether images, sound, film material, playlists, Torrents, scripts or DVDs (BP-> File Manager)


Many other functions, such as "the GP2 Controlr" Rezapp or the many options can in IHAD board or our Wiki to be read.




* File-Manager extended (Information, display and favourites). It´s now eaysier to achieve, simply press BLUE-RED

* In the channel list, the distance between the stations and the actual EPG event can be changed by yourself (BP-> Settings-> General)

* At Dreamnetcast and the jukebox you can chose the background

* Menu´s extra/settings seperated. BP has partly new construction (Addons are now at BP-> Settings to find)

* Discrete OFF(Standby) by shift-0, ON by shift-1, OFF (Deep Standby) by shift-2 (DM8000 not with original Remotecontrol)


Fix + Update:

* Formatting the Harddisk

* Dreamnetcast, Jukebox

* see CVS


Known problems:

* Bootpictures

* fast changing of tracks in the jukebox when covers from internet is activated



This Images doesn't contain any keys nor softcams.

Backups or other modified Images are not from us

and won't be supported!


Download via Database


Thanks a lot and have fun

Your Gemini-Team


Op de gebruikelijke plaats te vinden. :D

Nvidia shield TV, VU+ DUO2 VTI.   VU+ DUO VTI.

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Bleu Panel=>instellingen=>addons=>download (gemini-server)=>


Picon-kanalreference dan je keuze maken (Picon in Flash, cfcard, usb of HDD) ik heb ze op USB om wat ruimte te besparen op de Dreambox .


Daarna: Blue panel=>instellingen=>Infobar=>Extra field op Picon(kanaal reference) zetten. Daarna Picon Place aanpassen bij mij is dat /media/usb/picon.



Running Den

Triax78 A1,2,3,HB

3x Inverto LNB

1x Alps LNB





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