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Enigma2 v3 is uit!


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release 0.3.0:


Now there's no more need to change bootargs, IPs will be set on Enigma2 Network Menu.

Bootargs are changed a bit more if you do not want to set anymore IPs on bootargs. Bitwise also old bootargs will work perfectly.


What's new:

- support for:

- cuberevo-mini-fta (cuberevo-200Hdt)

- cuberevo-250HD (ipbox 91HD)

- cuberevo-2000HD

- cuberevo-7000HD/9500HD

- added support for Common Interface modules (take in consideration that a CI cam will make slower Enigma2,

this will be fixed in future. Also do not forget that to the upper slot will work with Tuner1 and lower slot with Tuner2)

- fix for CSAT France HD Blackscreen

- fixed randomly occuring crash on e2 exit

- fix restarting if old timer still set

- fixed front panel display management

- fixed hour display

- fixed stanby

- fixed deepstandby

- fixed restart GUI

- fixed restart

- fixed HD channels bugs

- fixed many of the random artefacts on viewing channels

- changed keymap.xml, now we will use the Enigma-like functions for remote controller buttons

- updated cvs to 09022009

- added srt subtitle support

- added avi x264 support

- added avi h264 support

- added xvid 720p support

- fixed mv id3tag

- added wav support

- added 2nd scart input control

- fixed many HDMI bugs

- fixed fast forward, fast reward

- fixed audio track selection m2ts/vob/trp

- added CROND and CRONTAB

- fixed configuration Menu Network Setup (this will works only with USB and Flash version, NFS couldn't set IP for obvious reason)

- added tun.ko module (for VPN support)

- added/updated usb-serial converter support (pl2303, ftdi_sio)

- added ssa subtitle

- fixed ass subtitle

- enabled ntfs as module

- fix for HD skins

- fixed mkv + h264 sync

- implemented mp3 playback directly via http connection for plugins like last.fm

- added filextension pls

- fixed crash when tuner is not configured

- fixed crash when harddisk or stick connected

- fixed DVB subtitle position for HD skins

- fixed crash on entry manual tuning parameters when S2 is in use

- updated webif

- fixed support for large file playing

- fixed all scan problems and "No SID found in PAT" message

- support for Unicable/SCR based system

- many code optimizations and personalization for Cuberevo


Tuxtxt is enabled but not yet working good on the "pressing button" recognition, so pay attention on using it, you will need to restart e2.



download to http://enigma2.sifteam.eu


satlover forever

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