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Popcorn met blueray mogelijkheid: PCH C200


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Popcorn Hour C-200

It's Time To Unleash Your TV

The ultimate digital media player, the Popcorn Hour C-200 is the most powerful and versatile member of the Networked Media Tank family. Building on the success of the Popcorn Hour A-110, the C-200 combines an upgraded processor, optional Blu-ray capability, and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for blazing fast file access and transfer.


All Media, One Box

With Popcorn Hour you can stream or playback digital media content from a variety of sources, such as your PC, network-attached storage, digital camera or USB storage (Flash drive, HDD, DVD drive). Popcorn Hour also makes it easy to download and stream content directly from popular Internet sites like YouTube, Blip.tv, Revision 3 and dozens of other online content sources. Popcorn Hour even has a built-in download utility, eliminating the need to rely on your PC to download files from the Internet.


Expand Your Possibilities

Add a Blu-ray drive to turn your Popcorn Hour C-200 into a full-featured Blu-ray player.

Create a central library of all your movie and video files, ready to play on your TV at any time.

Enable local playback and offloading of media files from other devices.

Easily share media with friends and family—Popcorn Hour can act as a file server to send files over the local area network and the Internet.

Digital Entertainment Your Way

Popcorn Hour's interface uses familiar HTML features and navigation prompts, so first-time users can quickly get up to speed on even the most advanced features. The C-200 uses RF remote control technology, which is functional over greater distances so you don't need to be right in front of the device to control programming. What's more, the newest Popcorn Hour has a built-in LCD front panel and navigation so you can access, manage and playback your MP3 music without going through the TV interface.



Organize your media library with the myiHome Media Server streaming video utility.

Play virtually any digital media files on your TV.

Supports the most advanced high-def video and audio standards, including Blu-ray and Dolby.

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