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Enigma2: Release 2.5

Machine: Dreambox dm8000

Date: 20091014

Issuer: Dream Multimedia TV


MD5: b19ed1c9f4b772f116fd3bdce08cf031






* Release 20090910 -> Release 20091014 *



secondstage 74 -> 76


* fix bug in webinterface

* add new oled initialization sequence



enigma2 (20090911 -> 20091015)


* backport some stability fixes from experimental tree

* add "scaler sharpness" option to AV Setup

* generic translation update

* add estonian language

* better pause handling on mediaplayback (avi, mp4, mkv..)

* fix no more responding gui on pause press during mediaplayback with enabled subtitles



drivers (20090910 - 20091012)


* backport some picture enhancement option from experimental tree (not changable via GUI yet)

* fix stuttering video on (cvbs) analog output when no hdmi cable was connected but a DVI option was configured

* fix kernel freeze caused by demux problem when try to use more the 64 section filter (i.e. much recordings on the same transponder are running)

* fix frequently stuttering on put out content with 23.976fps and choosed 24fps outputmode (i.e. 1080p24, 720p24)

the same for 29.97fps on 30fps and 59.94 on 60fps

* deinterlacer optimizations

please no more use "off" when the vertical input/output resolution are not equal

"bob" is the equivalent to the old "off" option... but "auto" should generate better quality as off/bob in most case .. so changing the default behaviour is no more needed



Dreambox 8000 HD PVR / DM 920 UHD - Visiosat BISAT G3 Astra 28.5/Eurobird 28.2/Astra 19.2/Hotbird 13

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