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[Release!] The Gemini Project2 voor de DM800

Obi Wan

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Eindelijk! Daar is de nieuwe Gemini dan. Weinig uitblinkende vernieuwingen, het is vooral het werk van Dream zelf wat is veranderd en doorgevoerd in deze versie. Hierbij het nieuws van IHAD zelf:



Gemini2 v4.5

Enigma from 07.11.2009


An overview over most functions can be found here



Function Buttons:

* BLUE - Blue Panel (BP)

* BLUE long - Picture in Picture (DM7025)

* 2x BLUE - BP -> Gemini Extras

* BLUE RED - File-Manager

* RED - Recording (not for DM8000)

* GREEN - Quickbutton / Subservices

* YELLOW - Timeshift (not for DM8000)



* Addon and Plugin Server

* Cryptinfos of the channel or Cam, Stick Cam to certain channels

* Function for managing many daemons / server (BP -> Services/Daemons)

* optical enhancements like HD-skin, additional icons or modification of the channel list

* Manager for format, setup or mount devices (BP -> Device-manager)

* Additional EPG-functionality like Autosave, Refresh or different EPG-format view

* Particular addons like Dreamnetcast, Jukebox, Calendar, eMail or eTorrent, just to name some of them

* Quickbutton, to define functionality of the Green button via menun

* Detailled information about your Dreambox (Menu -> Information)

* File-Manager, which can handle different format-types, regardless whether it is a picture-, audio-, videoformat, playlists, torrent, scripts or DVD-files (BP -> File-Manager)

* complete handling of hard disks, DVD-drives, USB-Sticks changed to udev (system handels those devices by itself)


Information about many other functions, like "the GP2 Controlr", Rezapp or the other settings can be found at the IhaD-Board or our Wiki.



* File-Manager can now handle symlinks (view, create, delete)

* CCcam-Info added in Menu -> Information, configuration will be saved into "/etc/CCcam_Info.xml" (show up of CCcam-Info at the Information-Menu could be disabled in "/usr/lib/enigma2/Bp/BPconf.py"Augenzwinkern


* Bootlogo changed

* in "/usr/lib/enigma2/Bp/BPconf.py" you could change "hidden settings" (the wiki tells you how)

* "hide_addons" options moved to BPconf.py

* disabling of BSOD or saving them to "/tmp" is now possible

* 2 Plug-ins in the image included (video enhancement Setup genuine Dreambox)

* Update-Intervals of the EPG can be set in BP -> Settings -> EPG



Fixes + Updates:

* Jukebox, Dreamnetcast

* Skin

* Network Information (Menu->Info->Hardware)

* see CVS


Known Bugs:

* Add alternatives in Senderlist.



* Only Images from 3.7 will be supported by our addon-server. This concerns to E1-Images as well as E2.



This image doesn't contain any keys or softcams!

Backups or other modified images are not released by us

and won't be supported in any way!!!




Thank you and have fun

Your Gemini-Team


Te downloaden via IHAD

Xtrend ET9000 - OpenPLi 4.0
Ontvangst: 7,13,19,23,28,42E

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