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provider caid chid incubus?


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beste mensen

hoe kan ik bij incubus 0.96 de provider,caid en chid invoeren

ben een beetje duizelig aan het worden met de cijfers

kan iemand mij a.u.b. helpen


het gaat over de Nederlandse Canaal digitaal en de Duitse SKY

bv dit

0100:00006A:07D4 "(19.2E) Canal Digitaal - RTL 4 [s2 6a]"

0100:00006A:07D5 "(19.2E) Canal Digitaal - RTL 5 [s2 6a]"

0100:00006A:07D6 "(19.2E) Canal Digitaal - RTL 7 Nederland [s2 6a]"


wat is de provider,caid en chid


alvast bedankt











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Vermoed dat je dit bedoeld voor het C+ pakket wink



0100:00006a:0fab # C+Nl - Nederland 1 [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:0fac # C+Nl - Nederland 2 [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:0fad # C+Nl - Nederland 3 [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:07d4 # C+Nl - rtl 4 [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:07d5 # C+Nl - rtl 5 [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:07d6 # C+Nl - rtl 7 [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:07f3 # C+Nl - rtl 8 [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:138c # C+Nl - net 5 [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:138d # C+Nl - sbs 6 [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:07da # C+Nl - TV oranje [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:139c # C+Nl - veronica/jetix [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:07df # C+Nl - Dicovery [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:07e4 # C+Nl - Animal Planet [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:0fa7 # C+Nl - film 1.2 [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:13a4 # C+Nl - film 1.3 [s2 6a]

0100:00006a:0fa5 # C+Nl - film 1.1 [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:0fa6 # C+Nl - sport 1 [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:07f8 # C+Nl - Private Spice [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:0fae # C+Nl - Nickelodeon Nederland [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:0faf # C+Nl - NGC [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:1392 # C+Nl - nick/talpa [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:1397 # C+Nl - TMF [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:13a1 # C+Nl - bvn [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:13a6 # C+Nl - tele 2 voetbal [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:1f47 # C+Nl - mezzo [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:2267 # C+Nl - trace tv [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:22ce # C+Nl - Motors tv [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:2f5b # C+Nl - limburg tv [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:31e6 # C+Nl - action now [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:3335 # C+Nl - NASN [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:4f56 # C+Nl - zone reality [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:4f57 # C+Nl - Extreme sports [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:4f58 # C+Nl - Zoneclub [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:4f7f # C+Nl - bbc prime [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:6fee # C+Nl - MTV hits [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:6fef # C+Nl - MTV base [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:6ff0 # C+Nl - VH1 [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:6ff1 # C+Nl - VH1 classic [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:6ff3 # C+Nl - MTV 2 [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:6fff # C+Nl - MTV music [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:7007 # C+Nl - MTV nl [s2 6a]"

0100:00006a:07fd # C+Nl - Dorcel TV [s2 6a]"


Grtz Satclarke

Impossible is a word that humans use far too often :-)

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