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Nieuwe officiele image voor alle HD modellen: DGS R11502


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Er is weer een nieuwe DGS versie beschikbaar voor alle HD modellen.


Het is weer wachten of hiervan nieuwe SIF/NLB/PGI images van gemaakt worden.


Zie de readme hieronder:



This README is for CubeRevo HD model series.

This document was approved on 24/Dec/2009 by the DGSTATION.



DGS release r11502: ( 24/Dec/2009) - Merry Christmas



1. Fixed updating channel name of subfeed problem in multifeed function


2. Adopted multifeed function in cable tuner


3. In order to avoid auto formatting of USB memory stick, Modified concept to prevent automatically achieving format under 32GB HDD or USB memory when start up


4. Upgrade version of web interface 1.4.05(thanks to Nils)


5. Fixed HE-AAC with MPEG 4 video for DVB-T tuner


6. Added ipkg function


7. Added Arabic language in menu, it will support to Arabic EPG, Subtitle, teletext as well(thanks to Yahya - ACT team )


8. Updated Lituania language(thanks to Raimundas)


9. Update bitrate plugin 0.0.7(thanks to Kneubi)


10. And other small bugs fixed





1. Prohobited to recording, and PIP function in Server box when Multiroom Service or Streaming Player is running.

and The boxes should have same FTP user ID/Password with server box and client box when you use Multiroom service function


2. Caution : When encoding the file, Playback via XVID player will be affected by condition of a kind of CODEC, FPS(frame per second) and the Resolution.

And XVID player doesn¡¯t support resolution higher than 720P

therefore, we recommend as below conditions.


1) resolution : equal or under 720p

2) FPS : 24, 25 and 30 fps.

3) A/V Codec

Video Codec : XVID(Without GMC or Qpel), OpenDivx(less than Divx5.2), MPEG1, MPEG2, H.264

Audio Codec : MPEG layer 1,2, MP3, AC3


if XVID file has GMC or Qpel option when encoding, it will not work properly.


if the file was encoded by MPEG 1 or MPEG 2, XVID player doesn¡¯t support Adjusting Sync function and Jump forward/backward function


3. ext3 file system is slower than ext2 normally.

If you will record two HD channels with ext3 at the same time, it may fail in record.


we have checked the speed as below

ext2 speed : approximately 7MB/s

ext3 speed : approximately 3MB/s



1. we strongly recommend to format your USB memory stick before the new image copy in it, otherwise, it may happen "ER10".

2. you should download usb_all_noboot.img into STB for improving Web interface and plugins, otherwise, the function


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