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Gemini3 v0.28-r6


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Gemini3 v0.28-r6


We recommend a current release or ICVS image.

Who should use a different image to resolve problems please contact the relevant people.

Most functions can be found in the Gemini Wiki.

Gemini Wiki

How Gemini3 box gets to its standing here .


Function Buttons:

* Blue Gemini Blue Panel Plugin

* The remaining buttons can be freely assigned with our Quick button function



* For folders Property (File Manager) 3 new functions, display size, image and sorting. You can set the options for the same subfolder.

* 3 new types in the favorites in the File Manager

* Media-icon for ISOs (File Manager). Must have the same name as the ISO or an image is assigned.

* If a folder in the file "folder.jpg" is it is displayed as an icon for this folder (File Manager). Folder scan must be active in the settings of the file manager (Media Resources Find -> Folder).

* New "sensor values". Tuner values ​​can be displayed.



* Keymap.xml 2 Buttons for USB keyboards added (thanks @ maxl)

* Fix for Cover download from Google (Jukebox and File Manager)

* No Automatic Media Information search in the folders hdd / autofs and / media / net.


Respect for Skinner:

* The skin for the File Manager has a new name, as in the List Template another image has been added, see line 114 in the skin.xml

* For the File Manager is not only a second and Skin

* In the gDesktop.conf there is a 3rd Value. Standard size of the font in your list box

* 3 new pictures at "folder_" and 8 at New "bigext_folder_.

* 9 Sensor field

* The Sonsorfeldern can lead to the description, a picture can be added (gSensorFields.conf)



* Addon and Plugin Server

* Cryptinfos the transmitter (assuming GeminiPlugin capable Skin)

* Manager to manage many daemons / Server (BP-> daemon)

* Visual improvements such as HD-Skin, additional icons (GeminiPlugin capable skins can be recharged in the BP.)

* Manager for formatting, setting up or mount devices (BP-> Device Manager)

* Own app like Dreamnetcast, eTorrent, NFS server, just to name a few

* Detailed information about your Dreambox (BP-> Information)

* EPG search (BP -> Extensions -> EPG search)

* File Manager, which many formats, regardless of whether images, footage, Torrents, scripts or DVDs (BP-> File Manager)



If the Gemini3 been updated, please restart Enigma always new.

Who installed the NFS plugin or GeminiTools / update your box reboot.


It is recommended Picon, outsource EPG-Cache and the Gemini cache on a medium and not to leave it in Flash.


Users with the 7025 the G3 please choose the easy installation wizard, memory is otherwise scarce.

In the 7025 FlasExpander should be used.


This plugin does not contain any keys or keys.

Backups or other modified Images are not

by us and therefore is not supported!


Installation Wizard download can be found HERE

Update from old versions of software management


Thank you and have fun

Your Gemini-Team


Dreambox 8000 HD PVR / DM 920 UHD - Visiosat BISAT G3 Astra 28.5/Eurobird 28.2/Astra 19.2/Hotbird 13

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