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07.0ºe Vergadering OSCE in Bratislava, Slovakije

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    • By Crazy Sat
      7.0°E 12556, H, 7200 8PSK FEC Auto ESTAD UNI1 (Multi-Link Holland) 4:2:0
       7.0°E 12565, H, 7200 8PSK FEC Auto ESTAD UNI2 (Multi-Link Holland) 4:2:0
      HD, BISS

    • By Mrbeam
      31/07/2020 20:00 - 01:30 CET
      Eutelsat 7B 7 deg East Transponder B4
      Downlink frequency 11042.0 MHz POL.Y
      Parameters DVBS2 8PSK 4.9373 Ms/s FEC 3/4
      Video standard HD 1080i 50Hz 16:9
      Tevens te zien via Youtube:
    • By Crazy Sat
      7.0°E 11014, H, 7200 8PSK FEC Auto CDF EUROSPORT 2 (F576) 4:2:0  (FTA)
      om 21h00

    • By Crazy Sat
      7.0°E 12611, V, 7500 8PSK FEC Auto ITA 491 (a) 7b s9 02 INT barcelona na (LIVESAT) 4:2:0
       7.0°E 12625, V, 15000 8PSK FEC Auto ITA 491 C e7b s 18 02 unilateral barcellonaIMOLA (LIVESAT) 4:2:0
      HD, BISS
      PS: Signaal nu weg , komt straks terug.

    • By Satfeeds-DX
      7°E 10958 H 4937 Aut  ID: CHEVC2

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