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Motorsport : Hixpania Hard Enduro in Aguilar de Campoo (Spanje)

Crazy Sat

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23.5°E 12521, V, 7500 8PSK FEC Auto F374 path HDR (BWS Ltd) 4:2:2

23.5°E 12512, V, 7500 8PSK FEC Auto F374 path HD (Zeppit) 4:2:2


F374 path HDR_0235 12521_V_7500_20211003_110935.jpg

F374 path HDR_0235 12521_V_7500_20211003_110944.jpg

F374 path HDR_0235 12521_V_7500_20211003_110948.jpg

F374 path HDR_0235 12521_V_7500_20211003_111000.jpg

F374 path HDR_0235 12521_V_7500_20211003_111004.jpg

F374 path HDR_0235 12521_V_7500_20211003_111438.jpg

F374 path HD_0235 12512_V_7500_20211003_111817.jpg

F374 path HD_0235 12512_V_7500_20211003_111902.jpg

Edited by Crazy Sat

feedhunting , a crazy hobby !


Edison OS mio 4K UHD + Octagon SF8008 4K UHD + Dr.HD F15 + Edison OS mini + Technomate TM-5402 HD M3 CI , Moteck SG 2100A + Deltastar 90 cm + Invacom C120 QDF-031 Quad lnb + SkyStar HD2,TBS6921 , TBS6925 en TT-budget S2-1600 kaart. Channel Master 180 cm schotel + ESX241 lnb voor C-band.


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