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Irdeto Access worstelt !!!


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Press Releases <BR> <BR>Irdeto Access launches anti-piracy prosecution against alleged smart card counterfeiter - 14 November 2000<BR> <BR>London, - Undercover probe ends with alleged card pirate facing first prosecution under amended Copyright Act<BR> <BR>Content protection and management company Irdeto Access has begun legal proceedings against an alleged counterfeiter accused of selling fake pay-TV smart cards over the Internet. David Mainwaring appeared before the Didcot Magistrates Court in Oxfordshire today to face two allegations of breaching the amended Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 by selling an unauthorised Irdeto Access smart card. The prosecution follows an undercover probe by an anti-piracy team at Irdeto Access, as well as law firm DLA and private investigators, and is believed to be one of the first under the amended Act. The revised legislation makes it an offence to distribute, sell, offer to sell, or advertise any unauthorised decoder, including smart cards. Mr Mainwaring is also alleged to have committed an offence under Section 1 of the Trade Descriptions Act 1968, of supplying a smart card which was purportedly manufactured or approved by Irdeto Access, when in fact its origin was not known. He entered pleas of not guilty to each of the three allegations and the case was adjourned to 9 January.<BR>“This prosecution signals our determination to protect content for those who pay for it and deny access to those who don’t,” said Irdeto Access Chief Executive Graham Kill. “This is an important business issue – investors will not pay for the creation and development of content, or for the broadcast and IP networks that distribute it, unless the content can be protected and the integrity of these networks secured.”<BR>Around 25 million smart cards currently protect global content revenues of around £2.5-billion annually, with the market growing at 20% per year. The action against Mr Mainwaring is one of several Irdeto Access investigations currently underway in the UK, and represents one strand of a global campaign against piracy. Irdeto Access, a founder member of the European Association Against Piracy (AEPOC), has a long track record of success against smart card pirates and hackers, and was among companies that successfully lobbied the EU to issue its anti-piracy directive this year.<BR>One of its recent successes includes the tracking and capture of the notorious counterfeiter Mad Max in Thailand last year, demonstrating the global reach of the company’s anti-piracy actions. “Whether they are selling over the Internet, on a street corner or in the pub, and whatever the scale of their operation, we have given notice to local and international pirates that their illegal actions will not be tolerated,” Mr Kill said.<BR>Piracy is a worldwide concern for developers and owners of intellectual property and content for broadcast over traditional channels, and the Internet.Irdeto Access has a three-prong approach to the industry-wide problem of piracy, using advanced encryption technology, extensive investigation of suspected fraud and counterfeit operations, and close co-operation with international bodies.<BR>“Besides having the technology to protect and manage content, the ability to investigate piracy and to instigate prosecutions when it is uncovered are essential tools for companies like Irdeto Access,” Mr Kill said.<BR>Editor’s notes:<BR> <BR>About Irdeto Access<BR>Today Irdeto Access, a Mindport conditional access company, the subsidiary of NASDAQ and AEX listed MIH Limited (NASDAQ & AEX: MIHL), is recognised as one of the world's leading providers of technology for securing content from concept to consumer. Irdeto Access specialises in designing, developing and marketing end-to-end solutions to protect content from unauthorised access both for the TV Broadcast as well as the Internet environment.<BR>The company has been providing encryption technology for more than 30 years, and was the world's first company to provide an MPEG-2 / DVB compliant digital conditional access system. Irdeto Access' CA systems are implemented in more than 50 countries world-wide.<BR>Focussing on the Internet, Irdeto Access also provides technology for secure Internet Protocol scrambling for the IP multicast environment with its product CypherCast ™. CypherCast can be used in combination with any streaming media application including distance learning, corporate training/business TV, data caching and entertainment business scenarios.<BR>For further information please contact:<BR>Irdeto Access<BR>Madelon Kaspers<BR>PR & Communications Executive<BR>Tel.: +31 23 556 2218<BR>Fax: +31 23 556 2940<BR>E-mail: mkaspers@irdetoaccess.com<BR> <BR>Miller/Shandwick Technologies:<BR>Sarah Waters/Brendon Craigie<BR>Tel.: +44 171 240 8666<BR>Fax: +44 171 240 8668<BR>E-mail: swaters@miller.shandwick.com<P>------------------<BR>

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