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A few pictures from the Medicast in London.. (nearly 1MB)


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Just back from the Medicast in London, so time to report you a few new goodies...<P>There was not much new and special things displayed but I'll let you join in on this picture shoot anyway.<P>It looks like all big brands are making these funny shaped dishes as well now:<BR> viosat_twin.jpg <BR>--<BR> viosat_twin2.jpg <BR>--<BR> cm_twin1.jpg <BR>--<BR> cm_twin-2.jpg <BR>--<BR>there where also some other pretty nicely shaped things standing around...<P> sat4all-leggs.jpg <BR>--<BR>Ooops, my mistake....<BR>--<BR>This is what sat4all looks like on a big plasma screen on a Humax web-box:<BR> sat4all-1.jpg <BR>--<BR> sat4all-2.jpg <BR>--<BR>Topic 2 for more....<p>[This message has been edited by SAT4ALL (edited 18 May 2000).]

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