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[Pioneer] Looking for any one can patch my Pioneer DBR-S100N


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Hello People,


I wonder if there is any one can patch Pioneer DBR-S100N2 in the area Den Haag?

Please respond a.s.a.p


Nidakid [color:"purple"] [/color]

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I defently reccommend you yo do it yourself, it's very easy.

This way you don't depend on nobody.

You need two cables:1/serial cable 9pins male/female

2/parallel cable 25 pins male/male



Then look here for the methode/firmware/settings/ within pioneer page


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Hello vvsection,


This seems funy to come back to this message after such a long time, I do appreciate your answer simply, but I was wondering if you can explain more about patching isuue, and if you can your self or you know others who can do that for some mony I will be greatfull for that.



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Hi Nidakid,


I must quote Klinkie:


This is a dutch forum so please post in dutch.

next time i must delete your posting.




Greetings Sander

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