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New Nokia 9800s firmware


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Na een Emailtje naar de Nokia supportdesk het volgende terug ontvangen,<P>-->knip--><BR>Dear Sir,<BR>There is a new software planned to be released during week 21.<BR>Information we have is that it first will be available on hotbird.<BR>The SW is available for download from Hotbird 13°East with the following<BR>parameters<P><BR>Frequency 12.539 GHz<BR>Polarization Horizontal<BR>SR 27500<BR>FEC 3/4<P>It is available on the Skyplex transponder with the following channels:<BR>HOTBIRD channel, TV Bulgaria, Krisma, Gold&watch channel, Monte Carlo Sat,<BR>Hot bird Jazz channel<P>Astra: Transponder 116 N-TV channel<BR>Transponder Frequency: 12699,50 Mhz<BR>Polarization: Vertical<BR>Symbol rate: 22000<BR>FEC: 5/6<P>Thor 3 Transponder 39 tune to channel Euorosport Nordic<BR>Transponder Frequency: 12 456 Mhz<BR>Polarization: Vertical<BR>Symbol rate: 28000<BR>FEC: 3/4<P>Sirius SVT Europa<BR>Frequency 12 379GHz<BR>Polarization:Horizontal<BR>Symbol rate:27500<BR>FEC 3/4<P>You will have to set your Mediamaster to one of the above channels and then<BR>enter the System configuration menu and select Receiver upgrade and follow<BR>the instructions onscreen<P>If you are having trouble to download disconnect all switches that you might<BR>have and try again<BR>Also download without CAmodule inserted.<BR>If the problem remains try a reinstallation download only HotBird and try again.<P>After the download you can enter the System information Menu and the<BR>information should be as follows<P>Hardware version 1.2<BR>Software version MA1.2<BR>Boot SW version 104<P><BR>Best regards<BR>Nokia HelpDesk<BR>--<--plak--<--<P>Als nu de geplande update voor de Aston CI<BR>begin volgende maand ook nog doorgaat scheelt dat weer in de zap stress. laugh.gif<P>Gr,<BR>Menno <P><BR>

Vu Duo 4K  S+C

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