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Nieuwe software Aston Simba-Xena-1700


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De huidige software die in uw Aston Xena1700 is geplaatst

vanuit de fabriek is niet actueel. Wij raden u aan om de nieuwe

software voor de Aston Xena 1700 te laden alvorens u de

ontvanger compleet gaat installeren.

1. Sluit de ontvanger aan op een installatie welke voor

ontvangst van de Astra 19,2gr oost is geschikt.

2. Ga het menu in, met de toets Menu

3. Druk eenmaal op 2 voor Engelstalige opties

4. Ga naar het menu INSTALLATION en kies de eerste optie


5. Vul de gegevens in die voor uw installatie van toepassing

zijn en zorg dat daarin de Astra is geselecteerd.

6. Wanneer u klaar bent met de instellingen komt u terug in

het installatiemenu. Druk nu eenmaal op ESC


7. Ga naar OPTIONS en druk op OK

8. Ga naar SATELLITE DOWNLOAD en druk op OK

9. Vul de volgende gegevens in:

Frequentie: 12,604 GHz

Polarisatie: Horizontaal

Symboolsnelheid: 22000

Satelliet: ASTRA1

10. Druk nu op OK, de software wordt nu geladen.<p>Mazlzlzl


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Ik heb de volgende tekst van een Franse site, en laten vertalen door AltVista. Dus de zinnen kloppen voor geen meter. Maar het is wel te begrijpen.<p>====================

Aston Xena 1700


MIXED version 3.01 - Update: Satellite - Internet -

Procedure of update: <p>The version Mixte 3.01 is proposed since July 17 at the evening on Astra 1. The diffusion on Hot Bird is effective since July 24 2001. <p>Diffusion on Astra 1 : Frequency 12,603 horizontal Polarity SR 22000. <p>Diffusion on Hot Bird : Frequency: 12 673 GHz Polarity: VERTICAL SR: 27500 <p>Modifications made by this MAJ <p>



Recovery of information Programs présent/suivant and summarized Compared to version 2.08, information on the programs in progress and following are recovered, in addition to the format specified DVB, under a new format (known as Canalsatellite) It results from it that one can henceforth obtain this information for the bouquets supplÈmentaires for which information did not exist on version 2.08. Example: Cyfra+, D+, Canalsatelite Spain. Moreover, the summary of this information was truncated for bouquet CANASATELLITE France on version 2.08 and is not it any more on the new version. <p>

· Management of shift GMT

On the platforms having the clock real time (XENA1600/1700), the display of the hour of beginning and end of this information is displayed according to well informed shift GMT and thus becomes coherent. On the other hand, for the platforms without clock (SIMBA), the hours of beginning and end of emissions can not be coherent. <p>


On the MIXED version, the teletext is now generated by the decodor. The user will be able either to ask for the teletext TV or that of the decoder which can coexist together at any moment insofar as the program on which it is sends information teletext. One can for example record films with under titrations. <p>


Management and the zapping in the list of the radios are done in new finely the more ergonomic. By simple visualization of the face before (in measurement or the platform hardware has one of them), the user will more easily be able zapper and to control the audio (volume, treble, low, balance and loudness for the platforms having an audio control such as Xena 1600 and 1700). MÍme manner, the change of list of zapping can be done in an easier way (display on the front face) what will make it possible to the user to create a favorite list dedicated to the radios for example. <p>


P rear detection during the deactivation of the dEcodor, the user is informed on the existence of a new version of the application in the airs and will be able to choose to download it with the next deactivation of the terminal. <p>


New finely ergonomic to choose the audio language in video mode was created. The user will be able henceforth to visualize all the audio languages available for a program and to choose one of them in an easier way. <p>


In certain menus, a help with navigation is displayed and in particular in the following menus: INSTALLATION (parameter setting antennas and satellites and update of the flows) list of the RADIOS OPTIONS INFORMATION (consultation smart card) <p>EVOLUTIONS/CORRECTIONS <p>


For an installation facilitated on the platforms XENA, liutilisator will be able to activate a beep of frequency proportional to the quality of the pointing. This parameter setting is in limps of selection of the parameters of the pointing. It is backed up if a power supply cut-off on the decoder occurred. <p>


The programs are sorted by satellites. In the case of a motorized installation, it becomes impossible to find satellites present several times in the list of the programs. <p>


For the platforms having of slots PCMCIA (XENA1700), the management of the descrambling and the display of the " pops " was improved for modules CONNAX AND NAGRAVISION/TVCABO. On version 2.08, a planting of the decoder could occur at the time of the descrambling by module CONNAX of certain chains of INTELSAT707 what is corrected on the MIXED version. Version 2.08 did not function correctly with the various versions of module NAGRAVISION, henceforth the descrambling with this module does not pose any more problems. <p>


For the AUDIO menu in particular, information on the navigation of the user through this menu is displayed opposite front. Moreover, the active favorite list is also displayed opposite front. All this allows an easier navigation through the various lists by simple visualization of the front face. <p>


Plantings occurred at the time of zapping too fast on the kiosks of bouquet " CANALSATELLITE " and of time to other in small the creation of favorite lists and reorganization of the lists. Those Ci are corrected on the mixed version. <p>


Improvement of the management of the size memory. The motorization is not limited any more to 8 satellites. Improvement of the scaning (certain nonwell informed chains correctly are detected) Restarting aprés cut of Pointage signal of the cursor on the chain added in small " the Addition " a zapping ultra rapid Of Pops up of confirmation during a change of satellite (in motorized mode)

N.B: This new version is actually new a software complete, the fact of downloading it erases the existing data base (list of chains, favorite etc.), a new search is necessary.

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