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Hopelijk snel - Board software upgrade

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Deze nieuwe features. Sorry, dit vertaal ik niet vandaar off-topic:-)


Changelog, version 6.5


This is Rick's changelog for UBB.threads version 6.5 to date. I'm sure he'll be adding to and ameding this list. Lots here! DOn't forget to look at the screenshots here



Moved the default location of, and into the includes folder. This will make upgrading easier with less chance of overwriting configuration files since all local config and include files will now be in one folder.


Created a new upgrade utility. This utility will do the following:


- Verify all new or changed files have been uploaded. If any of these files are not uploaded it will inform of the filenames.

- Change/Add/Remove any language strings to all language files for any languages that are enabled for your board.

- Provide an easier/safer way to run through the altertables allowing with recovery if the altertable dies during the middle of the process.

- All scripts for upgrading/installing now reside in an install directory so when finished the entire folder can be removed for security.




Reworked the procedure when a mysql error is encountered. The rest of the script will no longer try to execute. Error message, if being reported, will contain the actual file and line number that the mysql error occured on.


Moved the code for generating a user's "My Home" area out of and into a myhome.php script.


Created a new mysql database backup utility that doesn't rely on the mysqldump command.


Totally reworked the new post tracking feature. This new tracking method is extremely efficient and much faster. The U_TempRead field is no longer used and has been removed from the database. This new method will also allow us to do caching of some of the pages in a future version.


Added in an option to display the total # of unread posts/topics on the main page. By default this will be set to off due to the fact that it can create slowdowns on large forums. dit gaan we dus niet gebruiken:-)


Added in an option to display the total # of unread replies in an individual topic. By default this will be set to off due to the fact that it can create slowdowns on large forums. dit gaan we dus niet gebruiken:-)


Along with the new post tracking feature, the new post designator was changed to a colored folder on the postlist screen. The colored row option is still available by the original .css classes but by default, these classes will now be set to the same as normal colored rows.


Added a new icon next to threads that contain new posts. Clicking on the icon will take you to the newest unread post. Clicking on the post itself will take you the the first post in the thread.


When viewing a topic that contains new posts there is a link at the top of the topic to take you directly to the first unread post in that topic.


Reworked showflat/showthreaded and the previous/next thread buttons. Took the processing to grab the next post out of these scripts and into a new script that redirects the user to the proper thread. This reduces the number of queries in showflat/showthreaded and improves speed. Also reversed the action on these buttons to a more logical direction. Previous now takes you to the actual previous post and next takes you to the next post.


Moved the default admin and moderator name colors into the stylesheets.


New option for search engine friendly URLs. Since this may require more bandwidth due to spiders this is a config setting. If turned on, all links for the main forum listing, topic listing and topics will be search engine friendly. All old style links will continue to work no matter what the setting is. Thanks to JoshPet for the original inspiration.


New total_pm setting that sets the maximum number of private messages a user may have. This limit does not apply to admins and moderators.


Moved the cache refresh for total # of users and newest user into the adduser and doapproveusers scripts. Less queries on the main pages and cache is updated whenever a user is added.


Removed the personal profile option for aged threads to be displayed. Since this setting can greatly effect the overall performance of the board, allowing the user to choose this did not give the admin any control over the best performance settings for their board.


Added a search results table. This saves the results of a search query so when a user visits the next page of results or returns to a page of results the search query does not need to be executed again. Also allows showing the total # of results returned by the search.


Made a couple changes to to eliminate the "Headers already sent" message that can pop up from time to time when there are spaces after the closing php tags in config files/templates.


Added new flood control protection. A default time between posts can be set on a global basis and also set on an individual basis.


Added a new option to enable a quick reply box on the showflat/showthreaded screens.


If a user does not have permission to edit or reply to a post, removed the buttons completely instead ofjust having them greyed out.


Made some changes to the expanded postlist screen including changing it so topics and their replies will be grouped together with the same colored rows instead of the default alternating rows.


Added a stylesheet preview to the display preferences screen.


Added a signature preview to the user's basic preferences screen.


Added a new option on the main page to "Show active topics". This will show topics that have been active in the past 24 hours. The results will have links to go to the first post, the first unread post or the last post in the topic.


Reworked the jumpers to take you to the first unread post. Took these out of the postlist page and into the showflat/showthreaded scripts. This reduces the number of queries by one for each topic that has a new post in it on the postlist screen. On busy forums this can be a huge number of queries no longer being executed.


Reworked the sticky posts a bit more to be more efficient. With this change, sticky posts will appear at the top of every page instead of just the first page in a forum.


Added a new option for admins to create global announcements when making a post. A global announcement will appear at the top of every forum and only other Administrators may reply to the global announcement.


Added an underline markup tag and added it to the instant ubbcode box.


Made some changes so when adding or editing a post it will always return you to the proper page that the new or edited post is on.


Added in a modification to truncate the display of long urls so users don't have to scroll to read the post. Thanks to JoshPet and Gardener for the original modification.


Shortened many of the links, removing the sb, view and o variables and put them into a cookie. Since these variables are passed through a large majority of the links this should help save a bit of bandwidth.


Added a new option into the control panel that allows the admin to use a URL for the contact us link instead of the default email address.


Added a new option into the control panel that allows the admin to use a URL for the privacy statement link instead of the privacy statement text.


Added a new admin configurable age setting for what age is necessary to become a member of the board.


Added a new admin configurable option for the maximum date range of posts users can search through.



Admin control panel has been totally rewritten. Much better layout and some new options including:


x Admin notes about each user, only visible to admins and moderators.

x One click open/close board on the main control panel page.

x Option to suspend new user registrations.

x Totally new interface for user searching with many different options to specify criteria with an option to save the criteria specified for future searches.

x Multiple users may be deleted at one time through the new user search interface. This allows for the admin to clean up inactive users specified through the search criteria.

x Sending email to users now goes through the new user search interface. This allows for email to sent to any # of users instead of only to users in certain groups.

x New option to export a list of email addresses from a given set of users specified through the user search interface. The exported list of email addresses can be displayed in the browser or emailed to the admin.

x Banning and unbanning users can be done by directly working with a particular user or a set of users can be banned/unbanned by using the new user search interface.

x Totally new censoring feature. Moved badwords file into a database table. Full word matching, or wildcard matching supported. Also supports replacing each badword with it's own specified word or the default replacement word.

x More control over what each moderator can and cannot do, including:


- Can open/close threads

- Can keep/unkeep threads

- Can move posts/threads

- Can delete posts/threads

- Can stick/unstick threads

- Can approve posts

- Can edit posts

- Can edit users (ban/unban, edit profile, send password)


x Updated screen for approving new registrations. Will also display users that have not verified their email. Allows admin to resend the verification email to a user, or send a verification email to an individual user in the registration que even if global email verifications are turned off. Admins may also view/edit the profile of each user before approving them.

x Moved the bademails file into the database for easier manipulation.

x Moved the badnames file into the database. Also allowing for wildcard characters in reserved names. Example bob(.*?) would not let anyone register a username that starts with bob.

x Moved the usertitles file into the database. With this file being moved into the database the entire filters directory is no longer needed.

x New option to disable a graemlin, so the graemlin no longer displays in the Instant Graemlin box but can still be used by those that know the ubbcode for it.

x New post icon edit screen that allows you to delete or to change the current image used for an individual post icon.

x New avatar edit screen that allows you to delete or to change the current image used for an individual avatar.

x New forum image edit screen that allows you to delete or to change the current image used for an individual forum image.

x Updated screen for activating/deactivating stylesheets with options to preview each stylesheet.

x Updated the stylesheet editor with a javascript select box on the side of the editor to explain what each class is used for.

x New feature for searching for a certain language string. This will bring up all language files that have the specified search term with a link to edit that language file.

x New setting to make a forum visible or not. Basically lets you deactivate a forum without needing to change it's current group access if you don't want it available for your users for awhile.

x New forummanage screen that allows the admin to change the title, category, sort order and visibility of all forums on one screen.

x New forum edit screen with option to create/edit the special/header footer for a forum while editing the other properties of the forum.

x New category manage that allows the admin to change the category sort order, title and description of all categories on one page.

x New moderator setting screens. Allows admins to easily add moderators for all forums on one page.

x New moderator permission screen. Allows admins to easily change or remove moderator permissions for all existing moderators.

x New Access Permission screen. This allows you to change group access rights to every forum on one page.

x New Group Creator. This allows you to create a new group and set the access rights to all forums for that group on one page.

x Updated mass group changer. Now goes through the new user search interface. Allows you to add or remove multiple members to groups in an easier manner.

x Better SQL command feature. Allows admin to save a query without running the query. Allows for queries to be saved where a part of the query might need to be changed before executing the query.

x Optimize Table Option removed due to reliability reasons of optimizing UBB.threads tables from within UBB.threads.

x New database info screen that gives the total # of rows, data length and index length for all UBB.threads tables.

x New option to allow/disallow images in signatures.

x New option to send a temporary password to any user from within the control panel.

x New Mass Moval tool. Allows admins to move posts that match certain criteria from any number of forums to a target forum in one step. Options of leaving the original intact, closing it, marking it as moved or deleting it.

x New Topic prune tool. Allows admins to prune topics that match certain criteria from any number of forums in one step.

x New Registration Screen editor. This allows the admin to specify just about any of the user's profile fields should show up on the registration page. Options to have the field not show up, show up and being an optional field or show up and be a required field.

x New Search Engine settings. Allows admins to enable/disable searches by guests, set a timelimit between searches, set a minumum length for valid search words and also limit the total # of search results retrieved from the database.

x New Content Island Creators. This allows the admins to create content islands that contain certain data for placement in web pages or for use in RSS feeds. The content islands can be created as a server side or php include, a javascript include or an RSS 0.92, RSS 1.0 or RSS 2.0 feed. The following content islands can be created at this time:


- New posts in one or all forums.

- New topics in one or all forums.

- Recent vistors for the board

- Latest registered and approved users.

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