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EPG UK 28.2


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Officiallyme heeft deze plugin gemaakt. Ik heb hem vandaag geinstalleerd in mijn black pearl en werkt zeer goed.


Volg de aanwijzingen die ik hieronder heb gecopieerd. Hoop het is OK in engels.





ukEPG for Astra 28.2 will bring the UK epg to your Kathi.


It's pretty straight forward.

Activate or deActivate the channels you wish to download in the "ukEPGmodule-channel_list.conf" and then just start downloading via the plugin menu.


ukEPG will download all the needed EPG information from the internet and make them accessible via your normal single or graphical EPG.


ukEPG will perform an automatic reboot after each download/update after which all the information should be available.


ukEPG will also automatically update the EPG every 10 days during the normal shutdown. You will see a message in your VFD during shutdwown informing you whether an update is necessary or not.


As a default the following channels will be downloaded:


* BBC 1 London

* BBC 2 England



* ITV1 London

* Channel 4

* E4

* More4

* Film4

* ITV2

* ITV3

* ITV4





This plugin is meant only for use with AAF images and will not work on non-AAF images.


Just install it via /tmp/ as with any other plugin.



This plugin is currently not available from our Database. Let's wait and see if it works as well for you as it does for me





Thanks to the whole AAF Team and a special thank you to ambrosa!

Kathi 910

Multytenne (19.2, 23.5, 28.2, 13 E)

Philips 9000 series (37pfl9632d_10) met ambilight (37 inch): full HD

WD TV Live (vervangt Philips SL300 (stream van PC to TV)

Humax 5400 (buiten gebruik)

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Guest Black_64

Jammer dat het alleen voor UK is.

Ik heb er dus niet veel aan.

Misschien kan dit aangepast worden voor C+nl en TVV?

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