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wie kan mij helpen smartreader smargo op dm 7020

Guest bombok

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wie kan er mij helpen om een smargo te instaleren op een dm 7020 heb een irdeto kaart die ik wil laten lezen maar snap er niks van



aub hulp

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Hoop dat je hier wat mee bent



Smargo smartreader+ ( Dreambox/linux setup/howto)

Becouse the default manual is a bit crappy, herewith a manual to setup the smargo


first copy "srp_tools_x86" to a dir, i use /smargo

now go to that dir with telnet/ssh

#cd /smargo (enter)

Set the correct rights

#chmod 755 srp_tools_x86 (enter)

Check the options by issuing the help command

# ./srp_tools_x86 -h

Smartreader+ configtool v1.3

usage: <options>


-d <comport> (default comport = "/dev/ttyUSB0")

-p <0 = pc / 1 = dreambox>

-m <0 = autoswitch / 1 = fixed Mhz> mode

in fixed mode you can also apply:

-x <frequency>

-t <val> t = val

-e <val> egt = val

Ok now some examples:

Set the reader to 8 Mhz fixed

# ./srp_tools_x86 -m 1 -x 6

smartreader+ version v1.3

MODE fixed

FREQ 8.00 Mhz

KERNEL normal

T_MODE t = 0


Set the reader to 5.33 Mhz fixed# ./srp_tools_x86 -m 1 -x 9

smartreader+ version v1.3

MODE fixed

FREQ 5.33 Mhz

KERNEL normal

T_MODE t = 0


Set the reader back to autoswitch mode

# ./srp_tools_x86 -m 0

smartreader+ version v1.3

MODE autoswitch

FREQ 5.33 Mhz

KERNEL normal

T_MODE t = 0


Ok set to autoswitch, even the frequency is still set to 5,33 Mhz the autoswitch will

override this settings and

choose from either 3,57 Mhz or 6 Mhz (t=0 or t=1 card)


3 - 16MHZ

4 - 12MHZ

5 - 9.61MHZ

6 - 8MHZ

7 - 6.86MHZ

8 - 6MHZ

9 - 5.34MHZ

10 - 4.80MHZ

11 - 4.36MHZ

12 - 4MHZ

13 - 3.69MHZ

14 - 3.43MHZ

15 - 3.20MHZ

On this way you can set the correct values for each reader.

When u use multiple readers don't forget the -d option to set the correct reader!

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