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[DM800HD] [Nabilo] Black Hole Hyperspace dm800 0.3 MultiBoot

Guest fajoli

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Black Hole Hyperspace dm800 0.3 MultiBoot

Black Hole Hyperspace dm800 0.3 MultiBoot


What is Black Hole Hyperspace ?


This image is new Experimental image for advanced users only.

This image is not to substitute Normal Black Hole series but it is only an experimental alternative serie.

Normal users have to continue to use standard Black Hole images.

Advanced users that love pure speed and performance can use this image that comes without many functions.


Black Hole Hyperspace is the fastest DM800 "team image" of ever.

This image is suggested to use in flash, is very fast but it is dedicated to experted users.

This is like a "SuperCar", no comfort, no additions but only necessary functions.

There are not additional plugins in this image, not basical function like swap (not needed), inadyn ecc...

Advanced users know how to use and install only what they really need in additional.

You have in this image all that you need: Meoboot, Addons panel, Emu panel, Openvpn... but no more than this.


Using this image you will feel like to be returned to E1 pure speed.

But don't ask for kernel modules, don't ask for devices, don't ask for included plugins.

If you need something extra you have to use the normal Black Hole version.

If you don't need accessories and you LOVE pure speed and performance ... HYPERSPACE IS YOUR IMAGE !!!!!



Black Hole Hyperspace dm800 0.3 MultiBoot


- Dreambox drivers 9 dec 2009 (16 december drivers are not ok these are better).

- Enigma CVS: 14 december 2009 (D+ new epg included)

- SecondStage: 75

- Meoboot 0.94

- New Bootlogos (by ^^MaXiMo II ^^)

- New Matrix X Lite skin

- Epg panel updated



Many thanks to the Beta Testers Team


Many thanks to Rytec, Satmate, Krkadoni and to all the servers providing external precompiled epg for Nabilosat images.



E2 Sky Epg loader integration by MaxZ4.

Matrix10 for the new XLite HD skin.

^^MaXiMo II ^^ for New Bootlogos

Many Thanks to lukkino (VDR-Italia) for opentv source code.

Many thanks to Reinh@rd for the satellites.xml file.


This Images doesn't contain any keys nor softcams.

Backups or other modified Images are not supported!



Nabilosat Team will support only and exclusively images installed to flash. Nabilosat Team will not provide any support or help for installing its images to multiboot with any kind of tools. In this case, you must apply to the tools author. Please do not ask Nabilosat Team to provide support for tools not developed by Nabilosat Team..


Alternative Download link


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