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AAF Weihnachtsimage V3.0 IP-Box 900/910/9000 Flash/USB


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AAF Weihnachtsimage V3.0 IP-Box 900/910/9000 Flash Image


Basis Team Ducktales (Tideglo) 0.7.0



release 0.7.0


- fixed mute volume on channel change

- mute over SPDIF is now working

- added mp4 runtime detection

- added http mp4 streaming

- added m2ts file

- added stty

- added netstat

- added traceroute

- added grab for GUI screenshots (it does not work with live-tv screenshots)

- fixed many bugs on video drivers (don't remember all because most of drivers code were completly reviewed)

- applied better quality on video drivers (IMHO now on sd channels is really better than before)

- fixed many bugs on audio drivers (most of them on codec side)

- fixed (??) snr/agc value on tuners (especially in the sharp tuner)

- fixed bug on starting network at boot

- changed bootlogo with a new default

- reorganized general driver structures

- fixed subtitles *.srt and *.ssa when there is '.' char in the file name

- fixed time in the frontpanel (now should be always get the right value, with GMT offset, also at enigma2 boot)

- fixed a bug that causes DNS to be rewritten at reboot or at network restart when dhcp is activated on the router/net (if you have dhcp activated dns will be always given by dhcp server)

- fixed a bug that make dhcp always activated

- fixed record from standby

- fixed record from deep-standby

- fixed timer bug for record scheduled events

- fixed volume bug on web-interface

- fixed menu factory reset (thanks skaman)

- fixed panscan mode on almost all possible cases

- fixed audio volume on SCART wich was lower than HDMI




+ image auf python2.6 umgestellt

+ nogfx als default-skin

+ AAF Panel 7.7

+ AC3 Auto Volume

+ new onlineflash tool (with verify and tv output)

+ MediaCenter (IMDb Support | new Videplayer Filelist | WeatherPlugin | WebRadioFS)

+ Networkbrowsermod 0.9

+ Boot-/Shutdownvideo support

+ AAF-Boardviever

+ simple Bitrate-Viever

+ Repairmodus (when error or bootloop)

+ und vieles mehr


Bekannte Probleme:

- Manchmal nach dem Zappen kein Ton (Ton oder Kanal umschalten hilft)

Danke an Team Ducktales für das super Basis Image und alle die dieses Image ermoeglicht und getestet haben.



Er is ook een usb-versie, heb nog geen betrouwbare download gevonden.

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