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Enigma 2 Nightly Build: 0.8.0 version


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release 0.8.0


- readded ipkg

- readded optional kernel modules (like external usb card reader, openvpn module and so on)

- readded rcS_user.sh file

- fixed some deadlocks

- CleanupWizard now checks stat on /var/

- updated arab language (credits go to yahya of cubebox board)

- fixed some audio bugs (let me know how the audio is now)

- added persian language (credits go to copol)

- fixed a bug on Unicable

- added by default pacco's sci drivers (so everybody will stops on claiming about this, i thougth it was not too difficult to add them)

- optimized scrolling text on the front panel display (no more blinking effect)

- fixed the menu harddisk manager (format, verify filesystem and so on)

- added channel number in the skin by default

- fixed teletext remote control button interceptor

- the "freezing bug", aka BUGGETTONE, now seems happening less than previous version because of a trick used (this doesn't mean

it is fullfixed)

- enabled PiP function (press red button then blue button, then press OK to select channels, you will enabled the PiP like every enigma2 box),

to use it with mgcamd for example just set boxtype value equal to 06 (this is tested and working for multi descrambling)

- added more compatibility with few mkv files

- fixed CI cams (broken since 0.7.0)

- fixed teletext bug for channel resize

- fixed image resize bug

- updated cutlist editor keymap

- fixed a crash of cutlist editor

- updated keymap for record and timeshift handling (record is managed with REC button, timeshift with PAUSE and STOP buttons)

- updated keymap for deleting backward and forward chars over all the input boxes

- fixed a bug when e2 crashes and teletext is active, at reboot was no more possible to use remote controller

- automatic switch on scart if enabled by "A/V configuration menu" is now working

- enable 12V output over the tuner by default (currently i was not able to fix the 12v option in the e2 menu)

- fixed some bugs on DVDPlayer (thanks skaman)

- fixed GMT time syncronization between enigma2 and front panel display

- added possibility to set in CuberevoVFD plugin panel the daylight and 12h/24h mode in the front panel display time

- solved a bug on enigma2 timers rebooting in a loop after deepstanby

- added BlindScan function (it will works only with Sharp tuner, the only one wich support blindscan, sold by default on all latest DGS stbs)


WARNING: currently the blindscan function is just a sample of how it would works, it must be completed, so i'm not interested in any bug report regarding it


Enjoy it! Tideglo




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flash versie werkt niet van 29-1-2010 hier zit een bootloop in.

dus voor de mensen die sneller waren met downloaden van de flash versie als dat de versie van de server was.niet niet flashen.

tideglo zou vandaag een nieuwe versie op de server zetten.

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