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IAAF World Indoor ateliekwedsrijden in Birmingham.

Feedhunter Rini

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 7.0°E 12574, H, 7200  FEC Auto IAAF Back Up (Links Broadcast)

tip Stanley C.

IAAF Back Up_0070 12574_H_7200_20180301_204600.jpg

IAAF Back Up_0070 12574_H_7200_20180301_204429.jpg

IAAF Back Up_0070 12574_H_7200_20180301_204355.jpg

IAAF Back Up_0070 12574_H_7200_20180301_204706.jpg

Edited by Feedhunter Rini

I work with: Technomate TM 5402 HD M3 CI super+, or Dr HD F 15,  or Clark Tech HD 4100 plus, or VU+ Duo or DVB/Dream DVB met TBS 5980 USB DVB S2 TV Q Box CI and a 110 c.m. Triax dish with quad 0.3 Invacom LNB and a DiseqC 1.2 Motorized H-H Moteck Motor

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 0.8°W 11467, V, 15000 8PSK FEC Auto ATHLETICS MAIN (LINKS BROADCAST) 4:2:2





feedhunting , a crazy hobby !


Edison OS mio 4K UHD + Octagon SF8008 4K UHD + Dr.HD F15 + Edison OS mini + Technomate TM-5402 HD M3 CI , Moteck SG 2100A + Deltastar 90 cm + Invacom C120 QDF-031 Quad lnb + SkyStar HD2,TBS6921 , TBS6925 en TT-budget S2-1600 kaart. Channel Master 180 cm schotel + ESX241 lnb voor C-band.


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