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Dateiname DBF_Pi_USA_dm56xx.img

Dateigröße 5.46 MB

Angelegt 29.03.2005

Beschreibung USA EDITION !!!!!!!!!!!


Welcome to DBF v3.141592 "Pi" Dreambox Image based on:


+ kernel v. 2.6.9 (1.09)

+ enigma v. 1.0.9 DBFmod (29.03.2005)

+ driver v. 1.0.9

+ busybox 1.0 (17.03.2005)


+ Plugins:




+ DBF Emu Manager

+ DBF EmuD Pro

+ Scriptservice 2.06

+ DreamCrypt




+ AutoDownloader

+ Advanced Management

+ Config Plugins ;-)

+ DBF BackgroundSelector

+ DreamNetCast build-in

+ Dvbsnoop


+ DBF Extras Menu

+ Internet Addon Installer

+ Manual Addon Installer

+ Remove Installed Addons

+ Infobar Settings

+ Advanced Deamon Settings

+ External Address Setup

+ NFS Server Setup


+ DBF User Menu

+ EMU Manager

+ Stream Manager

+ Plugins Manager

+ File manager

+ Process Manager

+ LAN Monitor Manager


+ Active EMU & Cryptinfos & SNR/AGC in Skin


Addons downloadable over Inet.

for special functions check the Docu


This Image is without Keys and without any EMU

We are not responsible for what you do with it.

Only with original DreamCrypt Support


Read the changelog to be aware of all changes and new Functions.


Based on Original DMM 109

with Enigma CVS 29-03-2005




Special thanks goes to: zg0re, ruDream, rel_cvss, Tom0000, PLi®

xphile, The Hydra Team, lololuy, hyrican

DBNA Team and


and to all Emu and Image Developers out there. Greetz


Build & Compiled by the DBF IMAGE Team


If you want to get in touch with us you can go here:



CHANGELOG better late as never ;-)



-Mergel Kernel to 5620



-Fix final Bug in Emu Manager

-Fix Bug in Settings Installer



-Fix Bug in DBFemuD

-Fix Bug in DBF Emu Manager

-Add again new Libcrypto



-CVS Update to Enigma 26.03.2005

-EasterEgg should work now *ggg*



-Modified downloadable Skins to fit new Enigma Structure

if you want to add other Skin you should have these Entries in it:

<img name="mainmenu.dbf_usermenu" src="mainmenu/usermenu-fs8.png" />

<img name="mainmenu.dbf_usermenu.sel" src="mainmenu/usermenu_sel-fs8.png" />

<img name="mainmenu.dbf_extras" src="mainmenu/extras-fs8.png" />

<img name="mainmenu.dbf_extras.sel" src="mainmenu/extras_sel-fs8.png" />

- Added some more Fonts.



-Added Lan Monitoring to DBF UserMenu

-Added NFS-User-Server

-Added NFS Server Setup to DBF_Extras/Advanced Settings

-Added enable/disable NFS Server to DBF_Extras/Advanced Settings (reboot to activate)

-Added enable/disable Corefile Debugging to DBF_Extras/Advanced Settings (reboot to activate)

-Added enable/disable Corefile CleanUp to DBF_Extras/Advanced Settings (reboot to activate)

-Final NTSC Skin Fixes

-Added SimpleSpace Big Skin

-Readded DreamCrypt EMU



-CVS Update to Enigma 23.03.2005

-Added YPbPr to Colorformat in Enigma Setupwindow

-Added Setup External Addres to DBF_Extras/Advanced Settings

for setting external DreamIP to use with WebInterface - m3u Streaming

(if nothing set DreamIp gets used. else external adress will be used for Playlist)

uses /var/tuxbox/config/external_address for now...

-Added DBFemuD HTTP Auth Settings to DBF_Extras/Advanced Settings (reboot to activate)

this is predefined with root:dreambox

you have to edit this one if you want OSD from Emu Daemon and have changed Dreambox Password and HTTP Auth is enabled

Also you need to change the pass for your desired emu if its supported. Else: DONT touch this !

-Added HTTP Auth checking to DBFemuD

-Added HTTP Auth checking to external Installer

-Added Scriptservice 2.07

-Removed some unused Code

-Rewrite of some Code Parts




-Final Fix in Dish Network EPG

-Fix some Positions for NTSC Skin

-Fix Bug in DBFemuD

-Fix Bug in external Addon Installer



-Code CleanUp

-Fixed Bug in Enigma Settings Installer

-Added open DreamNetCast on long press of Audio Button, short opens Audio as usual

-Added open DBF USERMENU on press of Shift_Yellow Buttons

-Added open FileMode on long press of TEXT Button, short opens VideoText as usual

-Dreambox Keyboard should work similiar, no possibility to test.



-Added easter Egg ;-)

-Fix valign for NTSC in Enigma and DBF Codebase

-Added NTSC Skins

-Fix Skin Bugs

-Fix some Buttons in Enigma Code

-Iptables Addon will follow



-CDK Update to 109 final DMM

-Added DBF MVI Background Selector for Radio/Scan/Mp3 Background Picture

reachable over Settings/System/OSD Setup !

(scans for mvi in /share/tuxbox/enigma/pictures, /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/pictures & /hdd/pictures

- New Simple Space default Skin

- Added more USB Drivers & IPtables & Tunneling Driver to Kernel



- new Libcrypto added

- fixes for DBF USERMENU

- Added and for easier use in ScriptService



-Added DishNetworks and BEV USA EPG Support (should work now)

-Added Enigma restart to Shutdown Menu

-Added new tags to Addon Installer (settings + ipkg + update)

-Added DreamNetCast to Enigma



-Fixed DBFemuD small bugs

-Fixed Emu remember some bugs

-Added DBF USERMENU to enigma & skins - this brakes all other skins now !!!



add ipkg & Settings support to external Installer (for later use in All in One)


Earlier Bugfixes as we remember them


-Fixed TEXT Button not changing Mode if no VTXT Available

-Fixed some Messageboxes

-Optimize DBFemuD Codebase

-Fixed Busybox Killall bug

-Added telnetd support to busybox with patch from busybox mailing list.

-New Move Var to HDD/USB Routines


Much Much More. i dunno remember ;-)



Special thanks goes to: zg0re, ruDream, rel_cvss, Tom0000, PLi®

xphile, The Hydra Team, lololuy, hyrican

DBNA Team and




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Woon jij in de USA ? Wij allemaal in europa. Op dat zelfde board staat ook de NON-USA, daar hebben we ietsje meer aan denk ik. Maar inderdaad leuk image, was er ook al voor de DB7000, en nu dus voor de DM56xx.



<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/xyxthumbs.gif" alt="" />

VU+ DUO 4K 4x DVB-S / Octagon SF8008 4K / Wavefrontier T90

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