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[12,5ºW] Flitspaal?

Feedhunter Rini

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Reported by Feedhunter Rini on 2009-11-14 05:31 pm

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Atlantic Bird 1 (12.5°W)


Frequency: 11384 - Pol: H - SR: 3400 - FEC: -


Category: Camera fixe


Transmitted in: MPEG-2 4:2:0 (PAL)


Comments: camera for traffic?? ID Por 30


I work with: Technomate TM 5402 HD M3 CI super+, or Dr HD F 15,  or Clark Tech HD 4100 plus, or VU+ Duo or DVB/Dream DVB met TBS 5980 USB DVB S2 TV Q Box CI and a 110 c.m. Triax dish with quad 0.3 Invacom LNB and a DiseqC 1.2 Motorized H-H Moteck Motor

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Rini, Wel is gehoord van een straalverbinding wink

SCHOTEL: 1,2 Mtr 50E-55W / 60cm Astra 19/23 / Airspy R2 SDR 24-1800 Mhz
RECEIVERS: Dreambox 920 UHD/DM8000/800SE / VU+ Ultimo 4K Sat & Kabel & T2 / Rpi2 ADS-B FlightFeeder

IPTV:  KPN Glasvezel 1 Gbit & IPTV / Android 4K IPTV box / Kodi & Netflix / 100+ TB Storage

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