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[ET9000] Een aantal alternatieve images...


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Na enig zoekwerk op het internet heb ik een aantal mooie alternatieve images gevonden voor onze box.




ViX Team ET9000 Image v2.1 - 05/03/2011


Deze is gebaseerd op PLI E2

Enigma: 04-03-2011.

Enigma Plugins: 04-03-2011.

GCC Version: 4.4.4.

Drivers: 20110214.






HDF-Teamimage Clark-tech ET9000 v2 23.01.2011




Black Hole Clarke Tech ET-9000 v. 1.4.3 OE-BH 1.6




- Drivers et9000 12. 1. 2011

-support 1080p24/25/30 and 3d resolutions

-use deinterlacer

-vfd improvements (show various symbols, use slower scroll speed)

-accelerated alpha blending

- skin: Army Gradient

- extra plugins osd

dvb-t full BlackHole support




Gezien ik niet weet hoe je bijlages post, zou ik zeggen google is je vriend...


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En kan je de redenen geven waarom we deze image er op moeten zetten, en niet de openPLi versie?

met andere woorden, wat is er beter aan deze, of wat kan deze meer?


Ik ben namelijk zooooooo tevreden met mijn OpenPLi, dat ik niet zou weten waarom ik deze moet proberen....


Clarke Tech ET9000 (Enigma2)

Topfield 5500 (in een doos in de schuur)

0,8W, 4,8E, 9E, 13E, 19,2E, 23,5E, 28,2E

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Het mooie van open pli is dat alles open-source is. Dat is bij die andere images niet zo.

Visiosat Big Bisat (0.8W, 9, 13,19.2,23.5,28.2) 3 x Inverto quad, 2 x Alps quad, 1 x Venton rocket 2 x Disecq 1/8 1 x Diseqc 1/10

VU+ Ultimo 4k DVB-S FBC/DVB-C FBC,WD AV GP WD20EURS, 2TB @ Panasonic tx-50exw784 + Logitech Harmony 665
Qviart Lunix 4K @ Panasonic TX-L42E5 + Logitech Harmony 700

Ziggo start CI+

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Genoeg aanpassingen en verbeteringen d8 ik zo :


Team ViX Enchancements


* ViX Bootlogos, Radio Logos.

* ViX Team Spinner.

* ViX Team Vu_HD Skin.

* ViX Team softcam manager (softcams will need to be installed manually).

* ViX Team Cron Manager - Allows you to create cron jobs from scrips in /usr/script/ and set them to run at pre-defined times by you. For more info, look at the screen shots below.

* ViX Team Power Manager - This allows you to enable standby at a specific time, enable deep standby at specific times, do a GUI restart at specific times, or do a full reboot at specific times. For more info, look at the screenshots below.

* ViX Team Device Manager - This enables you to choose where you want to mount USB Sticks, USB HDDs, etc. This can be found in Menu -> Setup -> VIX -> Device Manager. Please also note that USB / ESATA devices NEED there mount points setup in Device Manager (green button whilst in Device Manager) in order for them to work correctly.

* ViX Team Image Manager - This enables you to backup and restore your image (nb, we are talking the whole image, not just settings). This can be found in Menu -> Setup -> ViX -> Image Manager. You can choose where to store your backups to, either HDD or USB. /media/hdd/imagebackups or /media/usb/imagebackups folder (setup by pressing menu, whilst your in Image Manager).

* ViX Team Overscan fix - This is the fix to remedy any overscan people had in the previous release. To use this, go to Menu -> Setup -> VIX -> Skin Settings and alter the "Menu Overscan amount" to suit your display.

* ViX Team Swap Manager - Allows you to create/use swap files on usb/hdd, and also allows you to use swap partitions.

* ViX-EPG - This is a simpler, faster version of CoolTVGuide, modified for the image.

* ViX QuickEPG - This is VIXs' version of QuickZap. You can see the full epg data for the channel, not just now and next. Picons work within QuickEPG. Also includes channel preview.

* ViX Quick Event Info - This is the new way to receive the event info on the ViX image. Press OK button once to get the info bar up, press it once more (i.e. a second time) to receive the information about what is currently showing...

* ViX Single EPG (with channel preview) - The is new and unique to vix, after you open the ViX single EPG (short RED) you can view the 7 day epg for that channel, now to see another channels epg, either use the Channel up/down buttons on your remote or just key in the channel number. if you want to preview the channel your currently viewing the EPG for (ie you want to see what the current program is like) just press 'OK' on your remote, this will change to that channel showing you the program in the small video window. if you don't like it, go find another channel to preview by keying in new channel number (or up/down buttons). or if you do like it and want to go fullscreen on it, just press 'OK' again. but if you feel you want to return to the original channel you where watching (whilst still in ViX Single EPG) just press 'EXIT" button, this will return to where you where before you entered ViX Single EPG)

* ViX Network Manager added to VIX Menu - This allows you to stop and start certain network features. The features you can stop/start are: FTP, NFS, VPN, Samba and Telnet.

* USB DTT - To install dvb-t, you just need to go to the plugins downloads, and select the stick you have. This will then install the drivers for your stick. You will then need to restart your receiver. Once restarted, go to Menu -> Setup -> Service Starting -> Tuner Config, and you should notice Tuner C as your USB DTT...

* IPK Installer - Just copy your .ipk fle into '/tmp' and go to the menu option.

* AutoTimer plugin integrated into image - Create an AutoTimer (Series Link), using Blue button in Current Channel EPG info.

* XMLTV EPG Importer - Thanks to Rytec for his support on this Importer. This has been updated so that the Import automatically updates itself from the servers, so there is no need to download and install new source files. Thanks to Rytec for the idea and andyblac for coding it.

* CrossEPG included in image as default - Settings for this can be found in Menu -> Setup -> VIX -> CrossEPG.

* EPG Download from transponders - This incorporates the EIT, MHW, FREESAT, NetMed & VIASAT downloads. To enable/disable, change your settings in the Menu -> Setup -> System -> Customise.

* EPG load patch - Image patched to allow EPG data to be loaded without the need for a restart.

* WebInterface and Help Screens - The Web Interface Remote Control correctly shows the ET9000 remote control, with all buttons mapped correctly. As well as this, in all Help screens, the remote control has been updated to the ET9000, and all references of Dreambox removed.

* Added option to disable the spinner (egg timer) - Change the setting of "Show Animation while busy" in Menu -> Setup -> System -> Customise.

* Added option to disable the channel numbers in Channel List - BMCC bouquet's have Channel Numbers in their channel name, so you get them twice in channel list.

* Panic Button - Added option to enable/disable panic button (goes direct to channel 1).

* Subserivice Option - This option allows you to assign the Subservice shortcut to a long green press. To change this option, go to VIX Menu -> VIX Setup.

* Option to disable ViX coloured buttons - This should ensure that if users want to use MultiQuick button plugin, it should work without issue

* Added Wireless Lan Support - This is automatically enabled in the image. To set up, use the Network manager on first boot, or from the Menu -> Setup -> System -> Network.

* NFS Server added to image and set to run automatically - To edit the folders you wish to share, you will need to edit file /etc/exports.

* Network Browser - Added Network Browser to help you setup share mounts.

* OpenVPN Support - This will need to be configured to your need first then use the manager to setup to autostart.

* Added Smargo Support - This is automatically enabled in image.

* Recorded Items - Recorded Items list modified to move item, browse directories, etc. Works similarly to suomipoeka plugin. Can be selected to load via the recorded items button, or from the tv button.

* Permanent Timeshift Plugin integrated (Disabled by default, turn on via Timeshift settings).

* Integrated AutoTimer

* Integrated EPG Search

* Integrated IMDb Search


Ik heb deze er nu opstaan en moet zeggen dat hij erg fijn werkt, makkelijke EPG import, en duidelijke EPG weergave....

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Ik moet zeggen na een paar dagen experimenteren met de Vix image. Dat ik Zeer tevreden ben over de functionaliteit van deze image. Erg duidelijk en overzichtelijke epg. Makkelijke netwerkmounts (ftp-nfs etc) hij is gebaseerd op PLi Met diverse verbeteringen. Een echte aanrader wink

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